CID synopsis – The Telephone – 9th – 11th August at 10 PM

CID synopsis – The Telephone – 9th – 11th August at 10 PM

Episode 1- 9th Aug, Friday

ACP, Daya and Sachin are in a small town   by the name of Kikkar for a seminar on Crime and Prevention. In the night , all three of them get three panic  calls from a stranger who tells them that in the span of next 24-48 hours , three murders are about to take place – of a mentally ill woman, a wealthy old man and a random victim who is to be killed by an axe murderer . The cops are stunned that how come someone is warning them about these future crimes. However, they instantly get down to investigating the matter – they even zero down on the two victims – Mallika and Ketan. But just when they are going to save them, the cops get drugged and kidnapped!

Episode 2 – 10th Aug, Saturday

The three kidnapped cops wake up in an enclosed space/vault room – while the Mumbai team who is in sync with the case reaches Kikkar in the search of the cops. ACP, Daya and Sachin manage to contact Team B and guide them to their location via sound and distance. But freeing ACP, Daya and Sachin is not the end of the game. The victims Mallika , Ketan are yet to be saved. The mysterious third victim is yet to be found. Cops soon realize that they have been set up in grand mind game – the crimes are happening for real and the mystery villain’s plan is to make cops fail in saving the victims!

Independence Day –11th Aug, Sunday

Cid team is called at the Independence Day function at the jail when on the other side Cid team realises that bomb has been put in the same jail. Before cops could take any action the bomb blasts killing and injuring prisoners. In the meantime 3 terrorists escape from the jail but it’s too late for cops to realise the main agenda of the blasts. It was planned by the terrorists and now they start terrorising the city by killing people through poisonous gas in a bus and poisoning water plant. Cops didn’t stop it and now they are racing against time because a mall is going to blasts. Will CID be able to stop these blasts?

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