Chhanchhan -21:00hrs -18th April

Chhanchhan –21:00hrs –18th April

In tommorrow’s episode Uma Ben hears a girl’s voice and immediately cuts the call. Manav calls Himanshu at his place to make him aware of the blunder happened (phones exchanged). ChhanChhan reach home and design a pamphlet of Uma Ben joining their class. Pamphlet is seen by Uma Ben and Mahila Mandal ladies and they show their interest towards the computer class. Purvi’s computer classes gets good amount of admission. Manthan calls on Manav’s cell and is taken aback hearing a girl’s voice. A conversation between Manav and ChhanChhan about returning their cell phones. Manav and ChhanChhan in a coffee shop where they discuss about the phone calls they received in a humorous way. They exchange their cell phone and gifts which they have bought for each other. Same time Manthan stroll into the shop with his client, he is shocked on seen Manav with a girl and a thought comes in his mind whether he should disclose this to Umaben or not?

 So tune in to Sony Entertainment Television @21:00hrs