‘Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge’ throws light on the most neglected issue – Civic Responsibilities

‘Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge’ throws light on the most neglected issue – Civic Responsibilities

~ The upcoming episode brings forth the message of a very popular saying – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ ~

bindass’ latest show, Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge, addresses the issue which is very commonly neglected by the citizens today – Civic Responsibilities. Every individual thinks that it isn’t a big deal for them to litter, but they fail to understand that many such individuals exist. This week, through clever satire, the show will put some light on this matter and prove how this habit can backfire. The satire will be followed by a social experiment to see the reaction of the citizens.

The first part of the episode begins with a satirical story about an evil goon named Paan Stain Thookmar, whose only aim in life is to litter the city. Along with his men, Paan Stain would collect trash from everyone’s houses and scatter them all in public places. One fine day, his men come back empty handed and on being asked, they inform their boss about Miss Civic Sen, who is a very responsible citizen. They learn that the new teacher in town has been educating people about cleanliness and inspiring them to follow civic responsibilities. This angers Paan Stain Thookmar and he plans a trap with his men. In order to bring down the teacher, they decide to lay a trap but ultimately, it amusingly backfires and Paan Stain gets the biggest lesson of his life.

The episode concludes with a social experiment where a taxi driver pollutes the city with his obnoxious behavior and recklessly harms the environment. The crux of the experiment is to see if the unsuspecting passengers respond to the taxi driver during the course of test.

To find out the reaction of the youth present, tune into Change Aayega, Hum Laayenge this Friday, 11th April 2014 at 6.30pm