C.I.D – 1000 Episodes Completion. 27th and 28th September Fri, Sat – 10 pm

C.I.D – 1000 Episodes Completion. 27th and 28th September Fri, Sat – 10 pm

C.I.D Story Synopsis:- 27rd September @ 10 p.m. –

Dr Salunke is on the run on an island as he is being chased by local tribesmen shooting arrows past him. As he reaches a thatch and tries to radio a message before being knocked down. Meanwhile, CID is looking out for Dr Salunke as they reach his house and realize that someone has attacked and kidnapped him. Now CID intercepts the message and figure out the location which points to middle of the ocean as the cops are perplexed that whether salunke is on some kind of boat. The cops set there voyage on a boat, however near the location their compass and radio stops working as they lose their direction completely, now they find a man drowning at distance as Abhijit dives and manages to save him. The man is frightened out of his wits as he asks the cops to take him back as there is a dangerous island ahead on which no one survives! Now the cops get to island while the other team also gets concerned and find out from an explorer about the dead island as they also set on a voyage to back up their team. The first team is on the island now as they find Salunke’s blood and some wild animal marks. The cops also find bones ahead as it points towards the presence of cannibals on the island. The cops determine that there is something wrong going on the island as they send one team over to the hill to catch the radio signal. By the end, the cops boat is blown off while the other team finds that there radio signal is blocked. CID is completely stranded from all sides and that’s when they get attacked by burning arrows.

C.I.D Story Synopsis:- 28th September @ 10 p.m. –

The cops are under attack at the hill top where the fisherman who guided them till now is shot by a burning arrow. The cops run down the hill to take cover where they face the hallucinating mist on the island and see a dreadful mystic animal attacking them. The cops have to split while running away from the animal.  Meanwhile Team B cops who received their direction from Aishor have an accident in the sea and their boat gets wrecked in a storm. The cops Team B luckily gets washed up to the Island. The island is surprising and challenging the cops with every passing moment. The cops discover that the island is being inhabited by cannibals and that they are missing Pankaj and Purvi in the Jungle, while Rajat falls down a dangerous cliff and is supposedly dead. Cops team B stumble upon an old military bunker and find dead bodies of soldiers. Only to be trapped in the bunker and hear someone else walking outside the bunker.

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