Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 58

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 58

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (1)

Wild card entrants Madhurima Tuli, Arhaan Khan and Shefali Bagga take over the Bigg Boss house

 Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (7)

Vishal and Rashami’s attempt to steal the luxury budget leads to a series of fights inside the Bigg Boss house. Post lights out, Vishal and Asim’s group plan to boycott Sidharth’s captaincy if they don’t get ration the next day. Waking up to ‘Ruk Ruk Ruk Are Baba Ruk’ the housemates begin their day worrying about the ration. Usually they receive their ration for the week post Weekend Ka Vaar. But like Bigg Boss mentioned the housemates would suffer if the winning team doesn’t return their luxury budget items. The winning team’s decision backfires.

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (4)

Since this season has been giving the audience surprises after surprises, another one is in store as the former contestants Arhaan Khan and Shefali Bagga reenter the house for the nominations task.Bigg Boss announces the ‘Nazarandaz’ task wherein at different intervals, the doorbell will ring and a new member will enter while the housemates have to ignore them. The three entrants Madhurima, Arhaan and Shefali Bagga have to seek maximum reactions from the housemates.

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (3)

If the three succeed in this task they will get immunity from the next nominations. The contestants play the task very well and ignore the new members. On the other hand Shehnaz and Paras lose their control and hug Shefali Bagga. After the task, the wild card entrants come out and enter the secret room.

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (2)

A big twist in the tale comes in when the three wildcard entries enter the house with their bags. While Rashami is extremely happy on seeing Arhaan while Shehnaz and Paras rejoice with Shefali Bagga. However, Madhurima’s entry does not go well with Vishal. He ignores Madhurima until she confronts him. The duo talk about their differences and Vishal’s statements about their relationship in media. Madhurima warns him that she is here to play the game and he is ‘Who he is today is because of them being together. Arhaan on the other hand brings in a special surprise for Rashami and take a plunge to confess their love for each other.

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (5)

How will the dynamics change inside the Bigg Boss house owing after the entry of new wild card contestants?

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 59 (6)


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