Bigg Boss house turns into a spooky bhoot bangla

Bigg Boss house turns into a spooky bhoot bangla

Day 58 (76).

Housemates Rochelle, Keith, Suyyash, Kishwer and Prince discuss about the wildcards contestants teaming up and creating trouble for the other members and they plan to give Priya and Rishabh a taste of their own medicine. Rishabh wears his mike in a wrong manner after which captain of the house Priya hides his protein shake. Rishabh fights with Priya for punishing him for a silly mistake but Priya pays no heed to Rishab’s request. Meanwhile, Prince and Rochelle get flustered because they feel Priya is biased towards Rishabh and being an unfair captain.

Day 58 (82)

The war of wild card contestants v/s rest of the house gets nastier as voices are raised and accusations are thrown at each other. Everyone feels that Priya is a spineless captain and does not deserve to hold the position. Priya is hurt by everyone’s comments and cries to Rishabh about being misunderstood for her decisions. At night, Kishwer notices a ghost-like reflection in the bathroom mirror and gets scared. She calls out for Mandana and Rochelle get them to the same place where she saw the ghost but is unable to spot it again.

Day 58 (81).

Next morning, the housemates wake up to ‘1, 2, 3, 4 get on the dance floor’ and enjoy the catchy number. Priya and Mandana talk about people making fake friends inside the house. While having an argument over breaking rules, the contestants realise that Prince and Rishabh have broken maximum rules but did not accept the punishment given by the captain. Priya further makes a rule that the housemates will have to submit their personal belongings if they break any more rules. Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces a twist in the nominations procedure where the contestants will be required to break a glass bottle on the head of the person they wish to nominate. Priya has the power to directly nominate one person for eviction.

Day 58 (79).

In the evening, Priya is seen having a conversation with Rishabh about Keith being a threat to them because he is a strong and much loved contestant. Later in the day, Priya notices the same ghost- like reflection which Kishwer had witnessed earlier and freaks out. She narrates the entire story to the housemates and they come to a consensus that there might be a presence of ghost inside the house.

Day 58 (18)


To everyone’s surprise, the two new wild card contestants Norah and Giselle make an entry appearing like mermaids through the pool sizzling and dancing on the song ‘Manohri’. Rishabh and Prince are left awestruck looking at the two beautiful ladies. Giselle’s arrival also creates a lot conflicts as Rochelle talks about her having a weird personality and warns the rest of the housemates to be prepared for the worst. Prince and Giselle bond while she bad mouths Rochelle and convinces Prince that he’s being used by her. Looks like the instant rivalry between Rochelle and Giselle will intensify the game and create loads of drama in the Bigg Boss house!

Day 58 (48

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