Bhoothnath Returns – Film Review

Bhoothnath Returns – Film Review

Amitabh as Bhoothnath ! Returns with a BANG !!!

Teaching us an art of voting and how? Just go and watch it for yourself


Film: Bhoothnath Returns

Producer: Bhushan Kumar & Renu Ravi Chopra

Director: Nitesh Tiwari

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani, Parth Bhalerao, Sanjay Mishra, Usha Jadhav, & Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap in cameos.


A novel experiment in the genre of Fantasy. Good! You don’t search for logic and sit through the fare enjoying all the same. Nitesh Tiwari was sure that if Bhoothnath has to return, than it better be sending across some message rather than make it into a regular spooky ghost story. This time he has had the good fortune of having super talents at his disposal to take off with in the first place. The little impish slum dweller kid Akhrot played by Parth Bhalerao is a revelation of sorts. To have the chunk of meaty dialogues and deliver them bang on, with the might of the caliber of Mr. Bachchan, speaks volumes. And what can you say about Mr. Bachchan… He makes his character of Bhoothnath look so credible and easy on eyes that you start wondering that such Bhooths if at all they existed would beat all the Bhooths around dead or alive. Amitabh as Bhoothnath is indeed a very lovable Bhooth of the dead world back on earth by default, and how he becomes the crusader of the down and beaten, forms the thin story line to a say the least.

In the process of helping little Akhrot to make decent money working the right way, he gets tricked into contesting the Election by the little prankster. His election gimmick highlights certain legitimate points that people should get their Voters Cards and go out and vote in full so as to bring in a change and an end of the politicians of the corrupt kind very ably represented by “Bhau” (Boman Irani) who has lived his roe of the mean, cunning, murderer of a rogue politico with his typical impersonations and crooked villainy with all consuming energy. Usha Jadhav as a lone parent to Akhrot is very much in tune with her character. Same can be said of Sanjay Mishra who has this flair for such roles and how easily he gets into the skin of it. An true artiste of true merit you can say.

Except for the super track “Party toh Banti hai “, the music score is okay. Meet Bros. & Anjjan along with Mika Singh has made it a very hummable and resounding success already. After Baby Doll Meet Brothers have another ace up their sleeve. The Best part of the narrative is addressing certain pressing issues, for example how Bhoothnath instead of using his demonic power he makes those responsible for not removing garbage, repairing roads or people in charge of supplying water and other basic amenities are brought down on their knees and made to do the needful in a very novel way are very beautifully executed. A La Satyameva Jayate effect to say!

Now tell me who would not love such a Nath of Bhooth. Anyways all in all a fun film with doses of some meaningful messages and superlative and extraordinary performances from the lead players mark the arrival of Bhoothnath a very entertaining and whole some viewing experience.

Full marks to Bhushan Kumar of T- Series for collaborating on such projects along with Renu Ravi Chopra of B R Studios and giving boost to such cinema.