Bharat Ka Veer Putra ..Maharana Pratap Monday to Thursday @10pm

Bharat Ka Veer Putra ..Maharana Pratap

Monday to Thursday @10pm


18th November to 21st November , Monday to Thursday @10 pm  Surtan desires to meet pratap. Jaivantbai is tensed that surtan singh will recognize him. Jaivantabai explains udai singh that surtan singh is making some plan against udai singh. On the other hand surtan is back in boondi and gets frustrated as he sees some children enjoying crackers and hears praises about sakhaveer. Pratap and his friends make plans to meet surtan. On the other hand Surtan make plans with Bairam khan to kill Pratap with the help of . Jaivantabai hurts herself while coming for Uday Singh’s tilak. Udai Singh is concerned about Jaivantabai’s wound but Dheerbai assures him that she will take care of Jaivantabai after which Uday Singh leaves for Boondi with Pratap & his friends. Jaivantabai fears Pratap getting caught with by Rao Surtan. Surtan welcomes Uday singh and pratap to his palace. As soon as Uday Singh gets to know about Bairam’s presence he gets angry. While talking there udai singh promises surtan singh that he will help him to catch sakhaveer. Pratap gets tensed. There surtan tries his best to make pratap sit above the chair where crackers are been kept to kill him but fails. Jaivantabai is curious to know about the happenings in Boondi.

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