Bharat Ka Veer Putra..Maha Rana Pratap

Bharat Ka Veer Putra..Maha Rana Pratap

27th January – 30th January –

There is a massive war happens between Udai singh and Yusuf Khan. On the other hand all the queens in Bijoliya are tense about Udai Singh’s safety. Bairam Khan has caught Natha, Chakrapani and Venidas in the rope and threatening to reveal about Pratap. There is a celebration where Udai singh puts crown on hada Surjan’s head. Pratap goes out of the temple to confront Bairam Khan. On the other hand Jaivantabai prepares everyone to hold Surtan’s army till they can.

 On the other hand bairam Khan is preparing a rope where he is planning to hang Natha, Veni, and Chakrapani. But they all have no fears in their eyes. There, Surtan has entered the Bijoliya fort with his troops. Soon dai kokoi comes in and informs about the army of Surtan that is in Bijoliya fort, all go tense. On the other hand we see Udai singh and Rao Mamrakh are coming to Bijoliya to save all the queens. Bairam Khan has started troubling poor Chakrapani and Veniram one by one but they speak nothing…Pratap watching all aghastly.

 At last after watching all the trouble that Natha and all are facing Pratap surrenders himself to Bairam Khan. On the other hand Jaivantabai instructing all the women to start preparing objects that can help us to defend from the army of Surtan coming in.  bairam Khan trying to trouble all Pratap’s friend who are screaming and crying for help. Pratap thinks to help them with some plan. There is a fight between Pratap and Bairam Khan.On the other hand Jaivantabai gets some intuition of Pratap been hurt and Jaivantabai feels the pain and gets worried. On the other hand Surtan has started ordering his men to break the fort gate and enter the Bijoliya fort and catch the queens inside.

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