Battles commence on The Voice India Kids

Battles commence on The Voice India Kids

The Voice India Kids_Battles Round

Coaches Himesh Reshammiya, Palak Muchhal, Papon and Shaan to choose only 3 contestants from their respective teams as the race to the title intensifies ~

The Voice India Kids airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm on &TV ~

The Blind Auditions of The Voice India Kids on &TV surprised one and all with the talent that graced the stage and a unanimous uproar from the Coaches in a bid to build their teams! Despite their age, the contestants set the stage on fire and the four Coaches Himesh Reshammiya, Palak Muchhal, Papon and Shaan selected their teams consisting of 15 contenders each. And now, after weeks of strenuous auditions, The Voice India Kids will enter the Battles Round, where the competition will intensify and every contestant will need to put their best foot forward to make it ahead! Tune in to watch the Battles this weekend (Sat-Sun) at 9:00PM only on &TV.

The Voice India Kids, as a show, is structured in three distinct phases: Blind Auditions, the Battles Round, and the LIVE Round. With the blind auditions ending, it’s now time for the Battles round to commence. In the battles, contestants training under the watchful eyes of the same coach will come face-to-face to battle it out with their own team mates. Each coach will choose 3 singing geniuses from within their team and mentor them, and a battle of talent will see them singing and performing to the same song…together! The Battle will become truly real when all the coaches take the tough decision of choosing only one out of the three contestants to proceed in the race to the finish.

Speaking on the start of the Battle Rounds, coach Shaan said, “The experience so far has been simply amazing; the quality of singers is exceptional. This is the format of The Voice India, and this is one of the main reasons it stands apart from other singing based reality shows. For us, as coaches, it is extremely difficult to choose especially at a time when three strong and potential-rich contestants get grouped together. That’s when we really have to weigh out all the factors; letting go of the truly amazing voices is never easy!”

Coach Palak Muchhal added, “There is a special bond that has been fostered, quite naturally, with these children, and to let go of some of them is going to be absolutely heart-breaking. These kids have some great potential and if their talent is honed well, they can chart a very successful career in singing! I wholeheartedly believe that I have a fantastic team, and am looking forward to coaching them so that they are able to give The Voice India Kids, and the Battles Round their best.”

Coach Papon further added, “The show’s format is great in its own way, but to choose further, even after the blind auditions, isn’t going to be that easy! We’re literally going to have to choose the best talent out of a lot of good contestants. I am proud of each contestant in my team and can completely understand their fears and anxieties. I have had multiple interactions with them to explain to them that The Voice India Kids is a learning ground for them and what they experience here is going to help them in the long run.”

Coach Himesh Reshammiya opined, “The Blind auditions for The Voice India Kids were challenging and with the Battles, it is only going to intensify. This show is undoubtedly one of the purest forms of singing on television and is an absolute entertainer. Selecting the team was a tough job, and now eliminating from amongst them is going to be even tougher. But I am really looking forward to seeing these kids perform at the battles, and I hope I get the chance to save as many crusaders as possible.”

As the enthusiasm of the coaches and the contestants goes several notches higher, the battleground is set to choose the best. Clearly, as The Voice India Kids progresses, electrifying and impactful performances will keep viewers glued to their television screens in awe!

The Battles on ‘The Voice India Kids’ starts 10th December onwards every Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm on &TV!