Anamika – August 26 to August 30 @ 8:00pm

Anamika – August 26 to August 30 @ 8:00pm

Ep 194:

Jeet enters Sangroor palace and due to Anamika’s trick, chavi is not about to call out to him. There is a hit and miss where Anamika avoids Jeet seeing Chhavi’s mangalsutra, but Jeet at the last time, manages to see a glimpse of Anamika’s reflection in the mirror. He goes home to check whether Anamika is there in her room in Saluja house and as a surprise, Anamika comes out of the washroom. Here, Abhay’s soul appears and manages to save Chhavi at the last moment. Ritu reaches Saluja house and accuses Anamika for Chhavi’s disappearance and Chhavi enters at the last moment leaving everyone shocked.

Ep 195:

Chhavi tries to prove that Anamika is a bura saya in front of the family. She challenges her to bow down in front of the idol and then drink gangajal. To her amazements, Anamika does all that, accuses Saluja family that they were watching her getting humiliated like mute spectators and leaves from there. Anamika reaches her house and calls out for help, and to her surprise, Chandal appears and cures her. Here, Chhavi decides to go to Shalakha who is shocked to know that someone has come to her enquiring about Rano.

Ep 196:

Shalakha agrees to help Chhavi but says that Jeet is in danger right now. Chhavi panics, and tells her to find a solution. Shalakha tells her a procedure she has to do ina temple nearby. Chhavi successfully manages to complete the ritual and save Jeet from Anamika. Questioned by Jeet abouut the black magic stuff found at Anamika’s place, Anamika accuses Chhavi about everything, due to which Jeet gets angry and leaves to meet Chhavi and hands her divorce papers. Chhavi makes him come inside Walia house on a pretext and locks him in a room. Anamika confronts Chhavi and there is an open challenge between them now.

Ep 197:

Chhavi and Anamika have an open confrontation and Anamika goes in search of Jeet and Chhavi, as instructed by Shalakha, does a ritual where she cuts the hair of all the 16 dead bodies in the mystery room and burns them together. This makes Jeet come out of Anamika’s spell, remember those days where he was living with Anamika after marriage (first time) and see Anamika in her real avatar 350 years old.

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