Akanksha Awasthi: Powerhouse Performer & A Talent to Watch out for !!!

Akanksha Awasthi: Powerhouse Performer & A Talent to Watch out for !!!

Akanksha Awasthi is not complaining about the producers for being type cast in mature roles. The Lucknow lass, already a familiar face in drawing rooms across the board with a slew of appearances in various shows across satellite channels is lapping up all the accolades coming her way. Some of her dramatic performances can be seen in – Ghar Ki lakshmi Betiyan -Zee, Waqt batayega kaun apna kaun paraya -Sony, Raja ki ayegi barat-Star Plus, Beendh banunga Ghodi Chadhunga – NDTV Imagine,Kismat ka Khel – 9 X.

Akankshas’s wide range has seen her essay roles that have brought to fore her command over comedy, negative & high-drama roles- not a bad sign for a 25 year old whose career-clock has just ticked off.

All seems hunky dory for the lady but the only thing gnawing at Akanksha all the time is her weight. Her working out for a good couple of hours every day & defying hunger pangs has still not got her in shape- a day she dreams of. The producers though are more than happy to cast the actor for her versatility as they saddle her with all kinds of meaty roles.

Case in point is the highly rated “Uttaran” where she plays the Mami of the lead actor, Tapasya. The role offers her a chance to show a variety of emotions. “ I love the character graph of Rohini, where I oscillate between being a show-pony to a mindless woman who blindly follows her husband, in whatever he says or does. I really love her innocence that pins her husband in a quandary at all times”, she gushes. Her on-off-screen chemistry with her husband in the show played by, Amandeep Arora, is also in the news. “Indeed, can’t you see it in our performances? I think it is very important to be at ease with your co-stars” she chirps.

She is quite at ease with her role in the show “Uttaran”. The stellar show is poised for a huge leap. The new Mami is richer & more confident. She now strives to live up to her new found status by speaking the Queens language leading to hilarious consequences. Her constant refrain “Oh my God” at inopportune moments will tickle many a funny bone.

Doesn’t she think an 18 year leap in the show is too much of a risk to take so early in her career? “Why would I grumble? I have signed up with one of the best production houses & am working with a brilliant director of the television industry. More importantly, i get timely payments” she says, tongue firmly in cheek. In a world where, veiling the obvious is the norm Akanksha’s Bindaas attitude is like a breath of fresh air. It has her ready to take up any challenges that come her way & perform like few can.