Adaalat – 5th October and 6th October

Adaalat  – 5th October and 6th October

Adaalat – Makhi – 5th & 6th oct –

Kaushik has been accused of murdering his doctor Dr. Chopra. He however claims that it wasn’t him but the makkhi who killed him. Everybody dismisses this justification. KD is also not convinced about this but he defends him on the grounds that he isn’t the killer. We see apart from Dr. Chopra, a railway officer was also killed and here too makkhi comes into the picture. Kd gets curious as to what is the mystery behind the makkhi. He gets shocked when in the office he himself sees the makkhi who tells that the next murdered will be Sundar and says itself to be Sanjana. Next day he got killed.Kd gets to know that Sanjana was a girl who went missing from the train in which Dr.Chopra, the railway officer and Sundar were also there. Kd tries to figure out the connection. What will Kd do now? What is the mystery behind the makkhi? What’s the connection between Sanjana and the people who got killed? Why did the makkhi say Sanjana?

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