Aaj Tak Salaam Cricket Conclave, Session: India in Australia.

Aaj Tak Salaam Cricket Conclave, Session: India in Australia.

In Aajtak’s event Salaam Cricket held in New Delhi, the fifth session was attended by Steve Waugh and Sunil Gavaskar on the topic India in Australia.

While discussing about the various instances of Sledging during matches held in Australia Sunil Gavaskar ruled out any such incident, but did said that once when he was declared LBW then while going out of the field then some Australian players had hurled some indecent comments on him, then he became angry.

Talking about the team which won in Australia in 1985, Gavaskar said that Indian team should work on their fielding . Because in his team players like Azhar, Kapil Dev and Roger Binny was as brilliant fielder. According to Gavaskar as captain Dhoni should talk with his teammates one one by one. As they did during their tenure as captain. A captains job doesn’t end with strategizing but he has to make his players comfortable psychologically and physically with conditions in a foreign land….both on and off field.

Once, you prove yourself as a player in front of Australian audiences then they will respect you a lot. Then it will not matter whether you are good in conversation or not. You have to earn respect by your game in front of Australian audience. IN The coming Australia tour of India India needs a potential bowler who can cosnsistently get 20 wickets in a series.

Now a days the condition is that a single bowler takes 20 wickets in three-four matches. It is often seen that his sharpness is very timelimited. And batsmen will also have to understand is that there is stark difference in the situation in Australia and India… And Indian players should prepare themselves according to the condition of the country they are playing in.

In continuation with Sunil Gavaskar, Steve Waugh did said that sledging is a part of cricket in Australia. But getting personal cud be avoided. He also added, smiling he never did sledging in his career. Waugh also said that any player who wants to earn respect in Australia he has to prove himself in front of the audience.

BY giving example of Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh added that Sachin is as popular in Australia as an Australian star. The truth is that even those teams who lose their match while battling hard are loved by Australian audiences.

India in Australia will have to show the same spirit. However, India needs a strike bowler. Indian players have to maintain their hold on each session of the game. The truth is that the situation for the Indian team in Australia will not be too alien. There will be same 22 yards pitch. They should create the right plan with clear mind. It’s not Impossible for the Indian team to win the cup again.