​Indiawali Nitibha Kaul makes an exit from the Bigg Boss house

Indiawali Nitibha Kaul makes an exit from the Bigg Boss house

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After surviving in the Bigg Boss house for close to 13 weeks, Kashmiri girl Nitibha Kaul was evicted from the house this week. She entered the house as a common man contestant carrying oodles of confidence to make it big on the show. Having quit a high-profile job at Google, Nitibha had put a lot of things at stake to be a part of India’s biggest reality show.

During her stay inside the house, Nitibha projected herself as the epitome of a modern urban Indian woman but was a true Indiawali at heart. She made many connections during her Bigg Boss sojourn but her chemistry with Manveer Gurjar became the highlight of the season. While to some, their friendship seemed to be something that would last a lifetime, there were few who labeled it as the friendship of convenience. When Manu made a brief exit from the house, Nitibha grew close to Manveer and became each other’s confidants. However, their friendship turned sour and they engaged in frequent fights after M3 (Mona, Manveer and Manu) reunited. As Nitibha grew apart from M3, she found solace in Bani and they became best of friends. While Nitibha always came across as a calm and sensible person, the audience got to see her imprudent and impulsive side during her recent fight with Om Swami and when she had a major showdown with Manveer. When it came to performing tasks, Nitibha always failed to showcase her prowess and would typically get lost in the shuffle. But she proved her worth during the dome task by beating Elena Kazan and by contributing 1 lac rupees to the prize money during Maalgaadi task. While Nitibha’s opinion never got much prominence inside the house, she definately left an impression on the hearts of the contestants before making an exit from the house.

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Speaking about her journey, Nitibha Kaul said, “My journey inside the Bigg Boss house has been quite amazing and adventurous. The love and support that I have received from the show is tremendous. Having survived for 13 weeks is a testimony to the fact that the audience saw something in me that was entertaining. Not only did I learn washing, cooking and other household chores during my stay, but also learned a lot of things about life and human nature. Moreover, I will always cherish the words of advice that Salmanji gave us every weekend that changed my viewpoint towards life. I would like to see Manveer as the winner of the show as he is representing the ‘common man’ very gracefully and has put his heart and soul in the game. Lastly, I would like to thank COLORS for giving me this opportunity and it is going to stay with me forever.”