Zoya Akhtar’s experience on being directed and facing the camera

Zoya Akhtar’s experience on being directed and facing the camera


Renowned director, Zoya Akhtar was recently shooting for the promo of premium Hollywood movie channel Sony Le PLEX HD.

When asked about her experience on being directed, Zoya said, “Being directed was the easy part as I had a decent communicator. It wasn’t harrowing for me but being made up was the uncomfortable part. It was funny because whoever knew I was doing this laughed at me”.

The common passion for great cinema and storytelling brings Sony Le PLEX HD and Zoya Akhtar together in creating this premium hangout place for movie lovers to hangout, unwind & converse. Her cinema artistry and love for great movies makes Zoya the right fit as the community ambassador. She will be seen as a representative of the community that appreciates quality cinema.

“I’m talking to people like me and my tribe. Also I’m a big movie buff, I watch one movie at least once a week so I can understand people who like watching films and I am talking to them. It doesn’t feel like I’m doing some alien job instead it feels like me. Le Plex has such a long list of films and the top three that come to my mind are Foxcatcher – which is awesome, Spotlight which is an award winner and ExMachina.” Zoya expressed on being in front of camera.

The network has made significant investment in securing rights for movies from Hollywood and the Premieres on the channel includes Spotlight (Academy Award winner for – Best Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay for 2016), Ex-Machina, Foxcatcher and Straight Outta Compton to name a few and will also be home to critically acclaimed movies like The Inglorious Basterds, Schindler’s List, Taxi Driver, Gladiator, Philadelphia to name a few.