Zombies are back to scare you!

Zombies are back to scare you!

The Sony Pictures film Resident Evil-Retribution which releases on 28th September and is fifth installment in the Resident Evil franchise has got something terrifyingly amazing stuffs to offer the audience. The film makers promise to have brought forth elements which will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The fresh and original ideas to ramp up the action, the adventure and the intensity will cast a spell on the audience.

Resident Evil films have been popular not only for their action but to some extent for the concept of zombies which is evolved with every film. The army of zombies created when the Umbrella Corporation lost control of the T-virus has become larger and even more dangerous as time has passed. The constantly mutating zombies are the strength of the films and the video games. “The slow, shambling zombies from the first film have now evolved into something more terrifying,” says Paul Anderson, director of the film.

“Now there are a lot of different kinds of Undead,” he continues. “The Majini Undead, which were introduced in the last movie, are back. They have huge, tentacular mandibles that come out of their mouths. The Lickers make a return but they’ve evolved, as well. We called them the Uber-Lickers because they’re so big.”

The savior of the mankind, Alice, will now have to give a tough fight to those undeads that maintain motor skills and some degree of intelligence. Motor bikes riding and machine gun shooting zombies will add a whole new level of threat in the film.

The scary elements will create unforgettable sequences for the audience and the 3D release of the film will add more thrill to the whole movie watching experience while the film’s release in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu will be a treat for the Indian audience.