Zee Anmol launches Meri Doli Tere Angana starting Wednesday 30th December at 8:30pm

Zee Anmol launches Meri Doli Tere Angana starting Wednesday 30th December at 8:30pm

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A story about belief in one’s self and commitment to one’s values

Meri Doli Tere Angana starting Wednesday 30th December 830pm only on Zee...

With New Year around the corner, Zee Anmol brings to its viewers a new primetime show, Meri Doli Tere Angana – a beautiful love story about believing in yourself and staying true to your values. The show that launches Wednesday, December 30th at 8:30 PM is the story of Simran; an orphan married to a man who doesn’t wish to be married to her. By staying true to her values and with believing in herself, Simran is able to winner her husband’s love.

Starring popular television popular actor Gaurav Khanna, Meri Doli Tere Angana is a story that revolves around the marriage of Simran, a simple girl who comes from a very traditional family, and Ruhaan who comes from am more affluent background. Orphaned at a young age, Simran has been brought up by her Chacha and her Chachi who love her as their own. She believes her Chacha will choose the best life-partner for her and relies on his wisdom while arranging her marriage. However, on the day of her marriage, after the ceremony is complete, Ruhaan reveals that he loves someone else whom he believed was dead but is not.

This brings Simran to a crossroad where she can’t go back to her house because her uncle is a heart patient, nor can she move forward as she has already been tied to Ruhaan in marriage.

Simran being a traditional Indian girl decides to fulfil her responsibilities as a wife, daughter and daughter in law of a prestigious family. She decides to fight against the shadow from her husband’s past and win her husband back. Handpicked from amongst some of the best content on Indian television, Meri Doli Tere Angana echoes the ZEE Anmol philosophy of ‘Dil Choo Jaaye’.

Will Simran be able to win her husband’s affection? Will Ruhaan forget the past?

Catch Simran’s story in Meri Doli Tere Angana starting Wednesday December 30th, 2015 at 8:30pm only on Zee Anmol!!

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