Zed Plus – Film Review – “Comedy of Errors you’d love to watch” !

Zed Plus – Film Review – “Comedy of Errors you’d love to watch” !

Film : Zed Plus

Producer : Mukund Purohit , Mandira Kashyap

Directer : Dr. Dhandraprakash Dwivedi

Cast : Adil Hussain, mona singh, Mukesh Tiwari, sanjay Mishra, Ekavali Khanna, Kulbhushan Kharbanda & K K Raina, Rahul Singh

Rating : 

After a long hiatus Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi  has returned with a Comedy of Errors of sorts against the backdrop of Socio Political turf. As is his forte, this time on also he has researched his characters, before casting them against each other under unpleasant situations of not their calling. No doubt he has clearly put the Disclaimer, but you can’t miss some stark resemblance, & typical caricatures  with some Big Heads in Politics manifesting in their true colors.

The whole story revolves around a humble puncturewala, Aslam (adil Hussain ) , who is destined to be Khadeem for the Holy Place “Peepalwale Peer Ki Dargah in Fatehpur,  for that particular day, where he ends up getting Zed Plus security,  when  Prime Minister ( Kulbhushan Kharbanda ) of a coalition Government comes seeking for the Blessings to save his Government . All this happens due to misinterpreted and misconstrued dialogue between Aslam , The PM & his Right Man K K Raina.

The best part is that the director has roped in the best of talents from theatre and everyone has been true to their character. Even the minor players like Paanwalla , Chaiwalla et all have done their  bit  most sincerely. Every scene and sequences appear like truly worked out theatrical and staged set pieces. But yet again to give the director its due, he has been able to keep the thread of the madcap narrative very much tight and connected to keep you glued to your seat. No doubt at some stage you get a feeling of scenes getting dragged a bit here and there and an element of repetitive monologues and dialogues could have been curtailed.

It evokes humor since it is meant as a farce and satirical take on the system, else there are many situations where it could raise controversies unlimited. Overall grand performances from Adil Hussain, who appears a bit constraint at places but nonetheless takes off very admirably. Mona Singh in her role as Hameeda , has some very shining moments and the performances she has been delivering in her Television appearances has matured her to the level that she delivers a very controlled and master performance. Mukesh Tiwari (Habib ) the neighbour, his wife Fauziya ( Shivani Tanksale ), K K Raina  & Kulbhushan Kharbanda , along with Ekavali Khanna as Saeeda the love interest of Habib & Aslam have complemented each other so very nicely along with main leads that all in all it becomes a very concerted  effort towards the whole consuming drama as it unfolds.  Rahul Singh as the man in charge of Zed plus Security has his moments  too very nicely crafted. Cameos by Sanjay Mishra  & Dr. Anil Rastogi as CM of Rajasthan are doing what they have been  doing in their earlier outings with aplomb. The Film opens with Sukhwinder Singh performing on a rendition of his own composition, bringing forth the flavor of Rajasthan that happens to be the setting.

Zed Plus is a Director’s film who has also contributed in writing along with Ram Kumar Singh. It is Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s Master Class with his bunch of A Grade Talented Actors.

A very good example of a running narrative with apt dialogues to make it an all consuming  affair.