Your Chance to Create with Brinda Miller

Your Chance to Create with Brinda Miller

Witness 50 women translate their dreams, their feelings, and their fears onto canvas with GoodHomes for Art 2013 – a public art initiative.

Through this opportunity, Women in Mumbai will get a platform to showcase their feelings and Renonwned artist Brinda Miller will then put together all these 50 painitings into one huge installation at Phoenix Market City, Kurla.

About Brinda Miller:

Brinda has been with the Kala Ghoda Association almost since its inception since 2000 as Hon. Executive Committee member. She is involved in the beautification of this now famous art district of Mumbai, which hosts the only major multicultural festival in India. She is Hon. Festival Director of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, and has been instrumental in bringing this festival to its present popularity.

She is also Art Adviser to several NGOs and other Art Organizations such as Artists’ Centre ,of which she has been Hon. Chairperson for the last 3 years; and AVID, a public programming platform. She is also on the Board of The Swiss Annual Award for Sir J.J School of Arts among many other juries.


“GoodHomes for Art” was launched in 2012,  with the idea of being an  ‘art week’ in Mumbai with the aim of making art accessible i.e. bringing art out of galleries and into the homes of people. 

Good Homes India Art Week  in Mumbai is stated to be a highly successful edition drawing an influential audience from around the city, strengthening its position as a leading art fair.

Scheduled from 25th November 2013  to 1st December 2013, Good Homes India Art Week  brings together celebrated artists from across the city showcasing their  most exciting artwork.

The event aims on bringing art out of the closed doors and in the process, making art less intimidating and more accessible. 

(An all women’s Event. Registrations now open)

Date : 26th November
Venue: Phoenix Market City
Time : 3 pm onwards