You thought Condoms were for Men? Think AGAIN!

You thought Condoms were for Men? Think AGAIN! 


For the first time, a challenging mass survey of 10,000 people was successfully conducted with such an informative and experimental activity towards women wellness and prevention. The survey was conducted at Mumbai’s strategic locations to gauge whether people were aware about female condoms and understand its growing potential in Indian market with respect to its awareness and acceptability. The survey consisted of multiple questions to understand the level of awareness, acceptability, openness, preference and outlook towards female condoms. 

Based on the study, India is a potentially huge market for female condoms. Moreover, female condoms can be a tool for empowering women, in the sense that women can now be in-charge of their safety with regards to sexual experiences. Given that a majority of respondents were the younger generation of the country, showed interest and enthusiasm towards female condoms, it would be safe to assume that India is progressing towards a better future for women, by leaving the decision of prevention and safety in their hands. 

The survey was strategically divided into 3 age groups covering 18-50 year old wide range of audience. 


Some of the interesting findings. 

  1. 64% of the respondents were positively willing to know more about female condoms, whereas 36% of the respondents were aware about the product.
  2. When asked about their interest in using female condoms, 32% of the respondents were ready to use a female condom. 
  3. A group of about 19% was not ready to use the product and 49% of respondents might consider using a female condom. When asked about their choice to use a female condom instead of a male condom, 20% of the respondents were ready to use a female condom instead of male condoms. 21% would still use the traditional prevention method, which are the male condoms. 59 % of the respondents might consider using a female condom instead of a male condom. 
  4. A vast 74% of respondents preferred to buy female condoms from retail stores and 26% said they would choose online ecommerce mediums to order.
  5. 81% of the respondents believe that female condoms will empower women and contribute in enhancing wellness, whereas 19% of them don’t agree with this idea.
  6. The most important factor for using a female condom was to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) including HIV. 81% of responses were given for prevention of pregnancy whereas 19% mentioned pleasure during Intercourse.


Cupid Limited one of India’s leading manufacturer of quality male and female condoms announced that its foray into active retail of female condoms by concluding it’s “For her” campaign covering more than 10,000 people in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The Company also intends to launch its India focused female condoms after receiving encouraging results from its campaign.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Om Garg, Chairman of Cupid Limited quoted, “We are delighted to present our new product to the consumers directly. Based on research and surveys, our team has played an instrumental role in creating awareness & identifying a potential market place for Cupid Female Condom. Our Product will significantly contribute towards women empowerment and wellness in the country. 


Mr. Saurabh Chowdhary of Outcry Entertainment conducting survey, commented “The process of survey was challenging but refreshing. Instead of shying away from the topic, most people were open to experimenting with female condoms and some even asked for samples.”

Cupid Limited plan to aggressively initiate and execute more campaigns to spread awareness about Cupid female condoms and its benefits along with positioning quality Cupid male condoms and Cupid lubricant jelly in Indian Market.

Cupid female condom, Cupid male condom and Cupid lubricant jelly will soon be available in all leading retail stores & e-commerce portals.