`Yasmin Karachiwala Curates A Special Padmavati Workout For Deepika Padukone

`Yasmin Karachiwala Curates A Special Padmavati Workout For Deepika Padukone

First Look of Padmavati 2

The Shahid-Deepika-Ranveer starrer Padmavati, which releases worldwide on 1st December is touted to be this year’s most awaited release, and with each teaser, trailer and track, the film is living up to its name. We can’t help but notice how the lead actress of the film, Deepika Padukone has been sweating it out incessantly at Body Image with celebrity fitness trainer and pilates expert Yasmin Karachiwala, drawing specific attention to her regimented brand new workout regime. Now we have heard that the  suave actress has crafted a brand new Padmavati workout in conjunction with India’s most trusted fitness consultant Yasmin  Karachiwala who she also swears by whole heartedly.

Throwing light on the subject, Yasmin Karachiwala states, “ Earlier Deepika adopted functional weight training and plyometrics  as she needed to look very fit and athletic for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Now we have shifted focus and she has been doing a lot of pilates. Infact I have devised a new workout called 20-20-20 where she works out on three different machines for 20 minutes each focusing on three different body parts. Deepika has been training five times a week most of the times but I have to admit she is very passionate about fitness like a true blooded athlete and enjoys every bit of working out. Deepika’s resolve and zeal towards perfection is beyond impressive. Unlike earlier, for this film Deepika has given me a lot of time to devise a workout plan and started off training before she even started shooting”

Deepika Padukone adds on, “What I adore about Yasmin  is that the exercises she recommends are low inyensity, forcing you to use your core and body weight. The exercises focus on employing correct technique and posture which works wonder for me. Within two weeks of working out with her, I could see a difference in my body—there was a lot more definition.”

Apart from her fitness schedule, Padukone’s diet plan included low-fat milk, two egg whites or dosa, idli, and rawa upma for breakfast and for lunch it was  chapattis, fresh vegetables, grilled fish. Her evening binge included filter coffee, nuts and dryfruits while dinner constituted vegetables, chapattis, fresh green salads and seasonal fruits, coconut water or fresh fruit juice and some dark chocolate as dessert.

Elaborating further Yasmin Karachiwala states, “ She knows the trick of staying in great shape -know what food patterns work for you and eat smart. She knows how to balance it out—if she’s indulgent one day, she goes light the next day and practices moderation. I have never seen her starve but she’s always eating right.”

Yasmin Karachiwala is the founder of Body Image, a leading fitness lifestyle brand that consults regularly with B- town celebrities  of the likes of Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Bipasha Basu amongst others. She will be hosting an exclusive workshop at her South Mumbai franchise, Fitocratic this November to give enthusiasts a hands-on training on how to achieve the Deepika Padukone toned look.