Yash Raj Films launches its own official E-commerce Store – www.yrfstore.com

Yash Raj Films launches its own official E-commerce Store – www.yrfstore.com

Yash Raj Films has launched its official e-commerce store www.yrfstore.com! To begin with the YRF Store will feature a range of exciting Dhoom:3 licensed products based on the highly anticipated and much awaited Dhoom:3. www.yrfstore.com is the first ever e-retail site launched by any Indian Film Studio, and will feature an incredible array of products including Men’s fashions, Bike accessories, Phones, Tablets, Toys, Apparels, Home Decor and much more!

Through www.yrfstore.com fans worldwide will have the amazing opportunity to experience Dhoom on a personal level by purchasing products that replicate various elements from the film, such as the already popular official Dhoom:3 bowler hat worn by Aamir’s character Sahir, which is an iconic element of the film.

In addition to offering official D:3 merchandise, www.yrfstore.com will shortly begin  to provide consumers the opportunity to experience other YRF Classics and forthcoming films through the purchase of the official merchandise. The YRF Store will also feature limited edition merchandise to be developed exclusively, which will be available only online at www.yrfstore.com.

Lately Yash Raj Films has been focusing on building a licensing programme based on the many iconic movies from the Yash Raj Films library, in addition to a wide range of Dhoom:3 merchandise. To date, Yash Raj Films Licensing has associated with over 20 companies, generating more than 200 varieties of products. A variety of licensed products are available at a flexible price in over 20,000 retail stores throughout India.

About YRFL

Yash Raj Films Licensing (“YRFL”) is the licensing division of Yash Raj Films, India’s largest feature film production studio. YRFL is responsible for the licensing of the films produced by Yash Raj Films. Better known as YRF, the studio has produced many of India’s most popular films. Debuting worldwide on December 20, is the newest instalment of the DHOOM film franchise, DHOOM:3, for which YRFL has developed the most ambitious licensing program ever generated for a Indian film. For further information about Yash Raj Films Licensing, please contact Rohit Sobti, Vice President – Licensing, at licensing@yashrajfilms.com 

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