X-Rayed By Vidyut, Episode 3 with Michael Jai White out now !

X-Rayed By Vidyut, Episode 3 with Michael Jai White out now !

Vidyut Jammwal and Michael Jai White

Action star, Vidyut Jammwal kicked off his very own chat show X-Rayed By Vidyut to shed light on the lives of martial artists and fighters. In the latest episode, Jammwal takes viewers through why he thinks a true fighter is somebody who has fought in real-life. In Episode 3 of the segment, he virtually sits from across the legend of the fighting world, Michael Jai White.

Renowned for his movies Spawn, Undisputed II: Last Man Standing, Never Back Down and Tyson, White is the only action actor to have fought some of the mightiest fighters of the world and our country boy Vidyut is the only Indian to be on TheRichest’s 10 People You Don’t Want To Mess With. What made the conversation between them interesting is the revelation of what it takes to be training authentically in martial arts.

Episode 3 of X-Rayed By Vidyut touches upon the history of martial arts and how it travelled to China.

Michael Jai White shares, “Bodhidharma went to the Shaolin Temple. It was the education I had when I used to go to China. And I was like who is this man depicted who’s teaching the Shaolin monks. This brown man. I’m like wow this is absolute history. He’s the father of Buddhism and he brought it there. That’s tremendous.”

The conversation swerved to the history of fighting and how its story was told in ancient times. Says Vidyut, “Our ancestors had no city boy training, they fought monstrosities in the wilderness. After they did that, they would describe to their family how they tussled with the tiger and this storytelling has evolved into cinema that action actors are part of now.”

Adds Vidyut, “I call Michael the spiritual gangster. For someone who is so big, he is quite fast. He is a real fighter and I’m so happy to have chatted with someone who studies and reveres Bodhidharma.”

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