World Premiere of Chandan Roy Sanyal’s starrer “Prague” at the 12th Osian’s-Cinefan Film Festival

World Premiere of Chandan Roy Sanyal’s starrer “Prague” at the 12th Osian’s-Cinefan Film Festival
After getting amazing response from international film community and renowned filmmakers at Cannes Film Festival and Hong Kong Filmart in 2012,  KAMINEY fame Chandan Roy Sanyal’s forthcoming Film “PRAGUE”  is all set to showcase the world premiere of “Prague” at 12th Osian’s – Cinefan Film festival (asian & Arabic Cinema), on 1st august 2012, 7:15 pm at Siri
 Rohit Khaitan’s debut production movie PRAGUE  is the first of Indo-Swiss co production for an Indian movie,which has been doing rounds of various film festivals.
Few days earlier even Sonam had tweeted about Rohit’s short film Lehenga which was showcased at Cannes. All those who have seen  PRAGUE have applauded for the movie. Rohit recalls, “I was working with John Abraham on sets of No SMOKING as an  assistant director. John used to treat us as kid brothers and used to have a lot of fun while working, it’s a great feeling of growing up with time and inviting him to come see Prague at Osian’s where he will be showcasing his home production movie Vicky Donor.”

Prague, can intriguingly be described as a psychological thriller that takes you to the darkest corners of your mind, the shut down alleys of your soul and to the graveyard of your heart. This film deals with the inner conflicts of Chandan, a passionate architect who comes to Prague for a project along with his friend Gulshan,a person he idolizes and wants to emulate but also fears. Here he meets a gypsy girl, Elena, a Czech looking for her identity and love who inspires him to make a monument for the unaccounted gypsies who died during WWII. She eventually becomes the love of his life and his inspiration. Chandan however is unable to trust her due to his insecurities and the constant aggravation caused by Gulshan. Caught in a state of mental turmoil the only person Chandan can seek solace from is his friend Arfi, a man who doesn’t exist anymore.

Prague is shot in the beautiful city of Prague and reveals the many colors of the city that has a history seeped

in heritage, myth and superstition.

Link for ‘PRAGUE’ teaser:

 Details About The Director & Producer
Director, Ashish R. Shukla started his career by assisting ad guru Prahlad Kakkar. In 2006 he was Creative
Head for Anurag Kashyap’s Film Dev D (out of competition-Venice International Film Festival-2009). He
has since directed various short films, corporate films and documentaries. His documentary for the National
Geographic channel on 26/11, Inside Mumbai Terror Attack won him the Best Director Award at the Indian Telly
Awards 2010. Prague is his debut feature film.
Rohit Khaitan, the Producer of Prague also worked with Anurag Kashyap in 2005 first during the filming of
No Smoking (Rome International Film Festival 2006), and then barely two years later executive produced his
next film Dev D (out of competition Venice International Film Festival 2009). Subsequently, he started his own
production house “Glamour Struck Productions” and Prague is his first home production feature which Khaitan
conceptualized and co-wrote.
Prague is an Indian-European co-production by Rohit Khaitan’s Glamour Struck Productions in association
with Maxwell Entertainment (makers of Madhur Bandarkar’s Jail) and Co-produced by Pix Ray Swiss
Entertainment AG, Europe.