World No 8 DJ Dash Berlin to take over Sunburn Arena Gigs in India from Feb 9-12 in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru DETAILS AND PIX

World No 8 DJ Dash Berlin to take over Sunburn Arena Gigs in India from Feb 9-12 in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru DETAILS AND PIX

DJ Dash Berlin, rated the ‘Best European DJ’ at the IDMA’s and the winner of  the DJ Mag Top 100 Award for ‘Highest New Entry’ and placed at #8 in the world, is all set to take forward the new concept by Percept India called Arena Gigs.


In his three city tour that begins with Pune on Feb 9, followed by Delhi on Feb 10, Mumbai  on Feb 11 and Bengaluru on Feb 12, Dash Berlin, known for his spell-binding performance at some of the worlds biggest festivals including the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas, A State Of Trance 500 in Buenos Aires, Eurofest in Mexico City, Mayday in Minsk and the Sunrise Festival in Kołobrzeg promises music lovers a taste of some really amazing high octane performance.


Dash Berlin we can surely call him the god of vocal trance. The man has made big progress in a very short span of time. He was bought into the EDM family by none other than Armin Van Buuren when his massive hit Till the Sky Fall Down was featured on Armin’s Universal Religion chapter.  The track became one of the most memorable, global anthems that year and introduced a new line of trance with big happy drops.


After this in 2009 Dash started his own label Aropa under which he released the massive bomb Man on the Run with Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren. Soon after this came the high energy vocal track Waiting with Emma Hewitt.  the track waiting won an IDMA award for the Best High Energy Track and in the same year his tracks Man on the run and waiting were nominated in the Best Trance track category.  October 2009 marked the global release of his first album  The New Daylight featuring  the above three tracks with some top notch tunes like Ten miles and Wired. The more we say about dash’s tracks, the less it is as they are filled with such profund beauty.  Tracklist:


In 2010, he made an entry in the Dj magazine top 100 Djs chart at a whopping #15 and won the Dj magazine’s award for highest new entry. In 2011 Dash gave us some more big tracks like Disarm yourself, Earth hour and Better half of me . All of these were a global hit with better half of me featuring in Top 20 tunes of ASOT 2011 . This massive talent moved up 7 places in 2011’s Dj magazine poll to #8 . We haven’t even talked about his remixes yet and Dash Berlin is one man who does not  need more introduction.

The four lucky cities who will witness the vocal trance master’s India Tour include Feb 9: Miami , Pune – 9pm onwards, Feb 10: Rockmans Night club – Delhi, Feb 11: Polo Club, Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai – 5pm onwards and Feb 12: E-Zone – Bengaluru.

“Fans can expect a phenomenal evening with eclectic mixes where in a single stroke of the hour, once can groove to some amazing music, with neon light performances and the crowd going insane, a la Sunburn style,” said Shailendra Singh, Jt MD, Percept.


Speaking about his visit to India the hottest name in electronic music space, DJ Dash Berlin said, “Great crowds are what an artist craves for, and the Sunburn arena promises all that and more. India has always been a dream destination for me and I am looking forward to my performances in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru from Feb 9-12.”


Percept India brought down the concept of Arena gigs to India for the first time in a special Sunburn tour. An Arena is usually a crowd capacity of a large audience, depending on structure of the Arena. The versatile venue had an intimate feel where all visitors were treated to fantastic stage views allowing them to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience. As it such a huge area it gives room for a lot of creativity production and technology wise, with lasers, lights, sound, stage which gave the audiences the ultimate music and entertainment experience. Arena gigs happen all around the world and cities like London, Prague, Amsterdam are famous for such events. Popular EDM artists like Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyke, David Guetta are some of the biggest DJs who travel all around the world for such gigs.


The Four-City Tour is presented by Central in association with Gitanjali. The Mumbai Event is in association with the Royal Western Indian Turf Club (RWITC).


Sunburn is a 3-Day Electronic Dance Music Festival held in Goa, India. Inaugurated in 2007, Sunburn is a synergy of music, entertainment, sports, food, shopping and lifestyle that attracts music tourism in Goa. In the past four years of existence, Sunburn has brought together renowned Indian and International DJs to entertain crowds of thousands over a three day period in the last week of December. With a variety of experiences to choose from, Sunburn caters to a wide Indian and International audience and highlights India as a Dance Festival destination to the world.