“Working with Govinda will be like going to a gurukul” says Garima Pandey

“Working with Govinda will be like going to a gurukul” says Garima Pandey

Garima Pandey & Govinda DSC_9889

In a brief rendezvous with Govinda- the man with million-watt smile, with an entire generation growing up dancing to songs from his films,actress Garima Pandey who was crowned Miss India Nepal Worldwide, expressed her desire to work with him. So should we wait for an official announcement?

Garima Pandey’s  tryst with entertainment & fashion industry began with her triumph as Miss India Nepal Worldwide. The actress who has never shied away from expressing her desire to work with Govinda, holds a passion for dance and calls him, the most expressive dancer of Bollywood “I think its safe to say, Bollywood has never seen a dancer as talented and as expressive as Govinda. His moves, his expressions cannot be replicated. Since my childhood it has always been my dream to dance once with him. It was only during the time, when I watched Govinda‘s dance, I have learned dancing”

During his birthday, the two caught up & spoke length about cinema & their future projects. Garima, better known as a perfectionist, impressed the actor with her vision and understanding of cinema.

“I have always been a fan of his work. Down the decades, audience has loved his dance moves and gone LOL at his comic timing. His films have taught us the meaning of rom- com. Working with him will be an absolute honor” says Garima Pandey hinting to an announcement.