With blessing of BABA RAMSAA PEER I completed my Role without retakes -Aushim Khetarpal

With blessing of BABA RAMSAA PEER

I completed my Role without retakes

-Aushim Khetarpal

What if an on screen actor delivers flawless dialogues with required expressions and is rewarded with the word ‘perfect’ uttered by the director consecutively. It is either considered the perfection of the actor or a miracle because giving shots without a single retake its practically impossible. However, the actor-producer Aushim Khetarpal claims that he has accomplished such a feat by giving shot after shot without retakes.

Expressing surprise over the series of perfect shots, Actor-producer of the movie “Baba Ramsaa Peer” Aushim said that the blessings of Baba Ramsaa Peer might have been the reason behind it. Generally three or four shots get a nod from the director. However, the scene was totally different on the shoot of Baba Ramsaa Peer. Aushim was giving perfect shots consecutively. He didn’t come across any slip of tongue, mispronunciation or any other hurdle after the camera was rolling.

He believes the blessings of Baba Ramdevji helped him throughout the making of this film. Giving perfect shots without retakes is one of the rare occurrence and a proud moment in the life of an actor but in this case it truly seems like the film is blessed by Baba Ramdevji.

When an actor completes the role entrusted to him without retakes, it is a heart touching moment for him. While sharing his moments on the shoot of ‘Baba Ramsaa Peer’ Aushim said that he was perfectly imbibed in the role of Baba.

The movie was shot extensively in Mumbai, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Roncha village at the actual Samadhi of Baba Ramdevji. It depicts the life History of the most revered princely saint from the western coast who was the first to spread the message of Hindu-Muslim unity in the 14th century. The film release on 7th September.