Who is Salman scared of? The Tiger reveals only on Oye 104.8 FM!

Who is Salman scared of? The Tiger reveals only on Oye 104.8 FM!


 Ace Radio Host Siddharth Kannan from Oye 104.8 FM sure a got a treat of a life time-when he was fed by the ‘Tiger’ himself -Salman Khan! A little birdie told us that before every radio interview of Salman’s with Sid K-as a ritual he makes sure Sid has his ghar ka khana! Even though, Sid K came for the interview with the’Tiger’ way after lunch time, Salman insisted that he should eat his home cooked food, only then he would do the interview and made his staff get the food from his home!

After the scrumptious meal, Salman gave one of his most candid interviews till date to his favourite Radio host!
Sid K asked him that Salman may appear like a Tiger outside, but why is he actually trying so hard to hide the softness inside him???

Salman replied saying that he was very innocent during his ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ days, now situations have made him corrupt. He is no longer the innocent ‘Salman’ that he used to be!

When Sid said ‘Every star wants to use the Salman formula of becoming invincible with the masses and at the box office, phatak came the tiger’s roar saying-everyone who thought that he is invincible, is lying in the graveyard next to his house and the current  stars who want to be like him must realise that he doesn’t care about Stardom, he cares for the common man on a humane level -that’s why they swear by him’!

Sid further said-why is Salman so intimidating towards some people????

‘Jab Sher ko koi ungli karega toh woh Jawaab toh dega na’!!!!!’said the Tiger.

Salman went onto his ‘prank’ zone with Sid K saying –how he is actually scared of Katrina Kaif –coz if he changes the script on the spot or starts laughing while they are enacting a scene together she gets very angry!!!

So, guess now we finally know who Salman is actually scared of in real life !!! When Sid K told Katrina that Salman complained about a lot of things about her to him. She did a Tit-for Kat (ooops Tat).Saying when she tells Salman do anything, he does exactly the opposite!!!So, now she uses ‘Reverse Psychology’ on him and tells him exactly what she doesn’t want, so he does what she wants!

So, when Sid pulled her leg  saying that Salman called himself ‘Talented’ and her ‘Hardworking’–She said ‘Salman deliberately irritates me by saying that, coz he knows I ‘hate’ being called ‘Hardworking’ and would rather be called a ‘good actress’ or ‘spontaneous’–By saying ‘Hardworking’ –Salman makes me feel like a labourer!!!’

Katrina said ‘Sid K has done some magic on Salman that he talks so much to him!!!

Sid K who is the Limca book of Records for starting his career at 14, will complete 19 years in the radio indusry on the 15th of Aug’12 the same day when Salman’s ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ releases!!!Could we call this Karmic connection or a mere coincidence between the 2 ‘SK’s!!!!?

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