Gajini, Ready, Bodyguard, Singham, Wanted… films that created Bollywood history that can never be repeated and the stars for stars like aamir Kha, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Even currently, the trend is in full flow with Kick that stars Salman Khan, and Maryada Ramanna is Son of Sardar that stars Ajay Devgan being talked about already,


But  there is one film that seems to have been missed by Bollywood stars. And that is Paiya, another potential pot of gold for Bollywood with love from the South. The reason  the film seems to not be taken so far is because director Linguswamy was waiting for Surya to play the lead in the Hindi version. However, since Surya is still neck-deep with his  Tamil assignments (Singham, Gajini are but a few of his earlier film remakes),  Linguswamy has moved on to do four Tamil films with UTV.


So who will be the star who will grab Paiya that superhit that grossed over 50 crore business in Tamil with 20 crore overseas and over 20 crore for its Telugu version Awaara? 


Music played a very important role in the super success of the film. In fact, Paiya won as many as 9 awards especially in the categories for music, including the Mirchi Listeners’ Choice – Best Song of the Year and Mirchi Listeners’ Choice – Best Album of the Year. Its leading actors Karthi and Tamannah Bhatia were also nominated for best actor and actress respectively in the Filmfare South Awards.


Written and directed by N. Linguswamy, Paiya is about the interesting journey of a young couple. A beautiful, young woman, an IT employee, asks a jobless, happy-go-lucky man, to escort her from Bangalore to Mumbai. The man, incidentally is in love with her. The film revolves around the various obstacles that the couple have to face during their trip bitter-sweet experiences and the manner in which they bond together during the journey – a typical story that seems right up Bollywood’s alley.


The action and car chasing scenes add more energy and vibrance to the film with a strong storyline. Interestingly, the film though made for south, was on a based on Mumbai and was shot 70 per cent in the metrop.

Tripevine has it that Ranbir kapoor and Deepika were also cast for this film by Director Lingusamy but with their break-up, the on-screen Jodi aspirations came to an end as well. Who will be the next Jodi on Paiya? It is said that the mighty Khans are said to be potential contenders for the lead role as makers are checking out the film with them in mind as well. 

Which Khan will be the Bollywood’s Paiya? Watch this space…