When President Pratibha Patil cooperated for Nikhil Dwivedi’s Tamanchey

It was a rather lucky day for Nikhil Dwivedi recently when not only did his shoot got saved from being cancelled in the nick of the time that too in Delhi and it got support from none other than the President’s Office and Delhi Police both! Nikhil and the crew of his film Tamanchey were in the Indian capital to shoot an elaborate pre climax scene with Nikhil and leading lady Richa Chaddha at the sensitive Chandni Chowk. Even though all the necessary permissions had been granted by the authorities and the unit was all set to begin the shoot the following morning, they were informed the previous midnight that the schedule would have to be cancelled because the President was planning a visit in the area to go to a temple the same day. That meant a waste of time for everyone and also wasting about a week since the crew had permissions to shoot only on Sundays. So Nikhil swung in action along with producer Suryaveer Singh and sent frantic emails to the Commissioner of Police and even to the President’s Office explaining what troubles cancelling the shoot would mean. Even though they had all but given up hopes, they got a surprise late in the night when the permission was granted by the Commissioner of Police. The fact is, Nikhil and Suryaveer’s letter reached the President’s office and they ordered the Commissioner of Police to let the crew shoot with a minimal crew of 15 members. That’s rather great for Nikhil and the film!