When Nagesh Kukunoor got spooked!


Director Nagesh Kukunoor seems to have developed a love for the paranormal. He was was recently the privileged first to get a sneak preview of Percept Pictures, first untitled film, ? (a question mark), post a first look unveiling.


? slated for a February 17 release, traces the life of a group of seven BMM students, who on 10th November 2010,  went to a place to shoot their final year project film. Few days later, their families received an sms stating that they were in serious trouble and needed help urgently. When the authorities reached the spot, they only found a hand-held camera.


What happened with them was captured in that camera. The film is a compilation of actual footage was captured in real time; it has been compiled to duration of 1 hour 30 minutes with the visuals and sounds for public viewing.


One clip leaked from the footage has generated a huge response by the youth on you tube. A whopping 10 lakh people have seen the clip in a matter of one week.. Don’t believe it right!!  Then please check http://www.youtube.com/trippletakemp


And now it is a matter of intrigue for people and even the industry to see the footage but Percept Pictures prefers to let it remain exclusive. In fact, Nagesh Kukunoor, after being the first director to get sneak preview of the film reacted very excitedly praising the young directors for their novel idea and Percept for having faith in young talent, “I simply love the concept and the treatment. I was so caught up in the film… it was so gripping and involving!”


Besides directors Shailendra Singh, Jt MD, Percept Pictures, Allison Patel and Yash Dave, Yusuf M Shaikh, Head – Distribution, Acquisition and IPR Management, Percept Pictures were part of the viewing with Kukunoor. While Kukunoor loved to get spooked,  Percept Pictures is now planning to organize with shows on Valentine’s Day (14th February evening/ night show) as ‘Scary Valentine’ couple tickets at price of one ticket!!


Yours not to question. Yours to walk into the theatre with your Valentine and enjoy a spooky evening… If you miss it, there is always a spooky Feb 17 to catch up on ?, the globe’s first untitled film, an enigma for the audiences.