What’s Sonam Kapoor’s style tonight? – Lifestyle

Makingheadlines is the way to go in Bollywood and Sonam Kapoor knows best. From beingdaddy Anil Kapoor’s darling daughter, to shedding extra pounds for her debutfilm Saawariyan, to frankly speakingon all topics, even if it means taking pot shots at veterans, or even callingher father a liar, to finally making it as one of the leading fashion icons andfashionistas of Bollywood, Sonam’s in news practically every day.Way to go girl!

While she hasbeen burning the red carpet both in India and internationally and also makingpublic appearances with panache, she also can sometimes turn up looking likeany ordinary girl and not the style diva people wait for. Recently when she wasseen looking much like the girl next door sans glam & glitz, and asked thereason behind the look, she of course spoke her mind! At the upcoming BIG StarYoung Entertainer Awards, this Sunday, Sonam is a perfect young candidatein the style icon category. There are other style divas like Deepika, Kareena, Priyanka, Kangana and more, but will Sonam’s passion for style and fashionget her into the limelight she is known for?