What will be the unique selling point of the reboot Total Recall?

What newness will the reboot TOTAL RECALL bringfor the audience is the question that’s been buzzing in every mind that hasseen the old version starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Though the generation next will be newly introduced tothis sci-fi thriller the oldies will have to watch out that they do not comparethe two. And if they do, probably not much would have been changed.

The new Total Recall which is a Sony Picturesmovie releases all over the globe on 3rd August. It starsColin Farrell, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale in the lead roles. The film isdirected by Len Wiseman which brings the super talented couple Len and Kateback in action after the Underworld series (once again Len as the director andKate as the actor).

Taking into consideration the old Lori from PaulVerhoeven’s version, the role of Kate if compared to that one might be measly45 minutes which is a disheartening part for the fans of Kate. Jessica on theother hand will have to play the tough witty prostitute who becomes a crucialforce to take the story ahead.

If compared to Arnold, Colin playing the role of Quaidbecomes a tough fact to relish as the rough guy muscular look can never bematched up with the lean athletic body.

However, the movie is likely to pull in the crowd asthe old version was a massive hit amongst the audience.

The Total Recall (old) which was released in 1990 wasproduced by Mario Kassar and Andrew G Vajna while the new version that is goingto release this year is produced by Neal H Moritz and Toby Jaffe. Though boththese versions are based on the same short story of Philip K Dick yet the newversion will not be giving the audience the red hot devastating taste of planetMars. Instead the new version story will take place in the time space of futureEarth.

So what new will this story have in it if it’s notgoing to be a journey to Mars? The story has definitely switched the planetsbut will the concept of the film also switch with this one? And yet again wecome back to the same question, what new shall this film offer the inquisitiveaudience? For that we all will have to wait for the film to release on 3rdAugust.