What makes Jacqueline feel shy?

What makes Jacqueline feel shy?

Jacqueline Fernandes - -solo Happy mood

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez is largely loved for her free spirited nature in addition to her acting skills. Jacqueline has delivered some most memorable songs in all her films. Her songs have gone ahead to top music charts and have become an instant rage amongst the audiences. Be it the tracks from the Hosefull series or the chartbuster numbers of Kick to the most recent Chittiyan Kalaiyan fever, Jacqueline has been the heart and soul of some of the most popular songs of today’s times.

While partying with her friends within India or in Dubai, the actress turns shy with the frequency of her songs on the playlist. Majority of party songs have an association with Jacqueline who is left shy with all the attention coming her way at parties.

Right from Lat Lag gayi, Jumme ki raat to the most recent Sooraj Dooba hai and Chittiyan Kalaiyan, the songs have grown to become party anthems. From lip singing to the popular tracks to mimicking her hook steps, Jacqueline’s group of friends sure make it very the full of gusto actress go coy!

Jacqueline smiles and confirms the news, ‘My friends tease me each time my songs are played in the club. I can’t help but feel shy’.