Well Kept Seceret- Arjun Kapoor Was a Producer of ‘Ki&Ka’

Well Kept Seceret- Arjun Kapoor  Was a Producer of ‘Ki&Ka’

Arjun Kapoor

It’s a pleasant surprise, to say the least. We’ve heard from reliable sources that Arjun Kapoor had turned a producer, somewhat clandestinely, for ‘Ki&Ka’. The versatile young actor shared the risk of making an off beat romantic film with it’s producers, a bet that has paid off rich dividends.

Unlike most stars of the current generation, Arjun decided to keep his engagement as a producer low key. To him, the film mattered above all else. But because he belongs to a legacy of quality, mainstream films produced by his father & his family, Arjun’s expertise came in handy for ‘Ki&Ka’. Said a source from the film’s unit, “Having assisted filmmakers before, Arjun is a complete producer’s star, cooperative and a complete team player, with a fair understanding of film finance and budgeting.”

Taking a silent but substantial risk on the film, Arjun is contented with its success today. This one now lays down the path for bigger things to come for this popular young star.

Photo credit Prasad Naik