Wedding anniversary of Rajesh Puri at his bunglow

Wedding anniversary of Rajesh Puri at his bunglow !

Rajesh Puri celebrated with pomp and style his birthday at his dream house and dream bunglow !

He had select guest list from the film industry who came and all had a great time ! Rajesh who started his career with acting and doing varied roles in Television Serials like Humlog which was a trend setter of sorts when Television was in its infant stage and only Doordarshan was ruling.

Over a period of years Rajesh a multifaceted talent  has not only essayed varied roles in Television and films and theatre but also not stopped at just that.

Having started his production company he has been keeping his drive for the creative field very much on and has thereby created a place for himself in this industry.

A person of good jovial nature Rajesh Puri has set benchmark for himself and lives life King Size.