Vivek pays for fans adulation

Vivek pays for fans adulation


Vivek Oberoi’s fans who were not allowed to meet him started throwing stones at his hotel and damaged the property.

We’ve often heard stories of crazy fans displaying their love, obsession and devotion towards their cine-idols. Something similar happened with Vivek Oberoi recently while he was on his tour to Jalgoan.

Vivek along with his friend and BJP leader, Eknath Khadse, visited Jalgaon for a local cricket match event held over the weekend. While being in Jalgaon, Vivek stayed at hotel Silver Palace. When Vivek’s fans got to know about his stay, they thronged the hotel’s premise to meet their favourite actor. But much to their dismay, they were not allowed since Vivek was busy. After waiting endlessly for hours, the fans started throwing stones at the hotel thereby causing damaging the property.

A source informs, “The fans waited for long hours to meet Vivek and requested the hotel manager to let them meet Vivek. But since Vivek was busy, they were not allowed to meet him. All hell broke loose when the angry mob started throwing stones at the hotel and broke the glasses causing huge damage to the hotel property,” adding, “The hotel had to bear brunt of Rs 4.2 lacs. When the news reached Vivek, he immediately came down and got the situation under control. He not just clicked selfies with his fans but also spoke to them making them happy. The generous actor also paid for the hotel’s loss.”

Vivek says,We didn’t expect the situation to get so out of hand.Luckily, no one was hurt