Vikram Bhatt’s Brahma Rakshas will not be a replica of an ancient Idol

Vikram Bhatt’s Brahma Rakshas will not be a replica of an ancient Idol

In Vikram Bhatt’s Creature 3D the demon, who is a Brahma Rakshas, will not be a copy of its ancient Idol. The filmmaker has found many temples in South India during his research, mainly in Kerala, Brahma Rakshas idols are suspended on the outer walls. As a mark of respect devotees light oil lamp in front of these idols.

At first, Vikram Bhatt wanted to shape his creature on one of the idols, but he was advised against it in order to avoid hurting any religious sentiments. Due to this, Vikram came up with his own imaginative take on the creature by using special effects in this film.

When asked Vikram about it, he says, “We had to use our creative skills to develop a new creature for the film. The creature is called Brahma Rakshas, who has also been featured in old Indian fables, such as Vikram and Betal.” According to Hindu mythology, Brahma Rakshas are the spirits of Brahmins, who have committed evil deeds and have to suffer even after death. It’s been said they are the demonic spirits, who eat humans.

According to the sources, Vikram’s team have sketched several types of Brahma Rakshas, after which one design was finalised and developed with special effects. He futher adds,“We are not going to reveal the Brahma Rakshas in its entirety in the promotions. Only parts of it will be shown.”

Creature 3D, starring Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas, directed by Vikram Bhatt, produced under the banner of T-series, is slated for 12th September release.