Vidya Malvade and Anaida celebret ” PAINTING SOIREE ”

Vidya Malvade and Anaida celebret ” PAINTING SOIREE  ”

PAINTING SOIREE  an evening of colours, paintings  & wine with Larra Shah was attended by actress Vidya Malvade and singer Anaida at Jahagir Art Gallery.  At the event Painted Rhythm Gallery presents “Colour & Art” Now know more about Colors, how it affects human emotions,Moods & personality.

During the exhibition,well-known Feng Shui expert Larra Shah  conducted a seminar on Know more about Colors. Understand your personality based on your favorite colors.How colors affect our emotions, moods   & personality.Know how the right paintings at the right place can enhance your life.Feng Shui Art Paintings will be available in Bandra at Painted Rhythm Art GalleryUnderstand your personality based on your favourite colours.Learn how the right paintings at the right place can enhance your life.

This event was a part of exhibition featuring exquisite paintings & sculptures of 30 renowned Indian artists like Satish Gujral, Ashif Hussain, Totha Vaikuntham, Suhas Roy to name a few. Held at Jehangir Art Gallery, one of the famous and oldest art studios in Mumbai ‘PAINTED RHYTHM ART GALLERY’ is the brain behind this show with the aim to celebrate the art of painting.

About Painted Rhythm Art Gallery 

PAINTED RHYTHM ART GALLERY was started with a quest to explore the dimensions of Indian Art in 1987. The art gallery has always strived to bring rarest of rare hidden gems of Indian palette & brush. In this process, they have proven their commitment to the cause of Indian Art by carving out a niche for themselves as the torch-bearer of Indian Art. The art gallery possesses paintings of not just contemporary artists but also upcoming ones. These paintings which hold re-sale market value is the most sought after amongst NRIs, Film Celebrities, Industrialists, etc. The belief in ‘Art for everybody’ comes across through the paintings as people of all ages demand these pieces of art.


About Larra Shah

Larra Shah is a woman of great versatility.    To meet her is to be drawn into a world of 

infinite possibilities. Larra has an inborn and intuitive connect with the astral world, a definite advantage for any Feng Shui – Vastu consultant. Her conviction in the holistic way of life and passion for the metaphysical led Larra to explore diverse forms of alternate wellness solutions, a search that culminated in “Feng Shui Studio”

Larra primarily believes in harnessing the auspicious energies of a space to achieve holistic well-being for its occupants. According to her, the optimal state of all prime areas of life such as health, wealth, relationship, finance and career help achieve complete well-being and peace of mind.

Understanding the individual needs of people and arriving at solutions that best suit their particular situation is Larra’s key asset, as is evident from her impressive list of celebrity clients. It is this strength and experience that Larra brings to the consultation table, a fact that her satisfied clientele collectively vouch for. Among her clientele are real estate developers, property owners, film stars, politicians, sports personalities, and of course interior designers. Larra has hosted a successful television show, and appeared as a special guest on national and international television and radio. In an effort to reach out to people across the world, Larra offers consultation over phone and Skype. A keen philanthropist actively involved in women empowerment, Larra’s hope is to continually cascade the state of complete wellness through her Feng Shui – Vastu consultations.