“Vidya Balan was a thorough profession​al dancing the sensual ‘Lavani’ “-say Choreograp​her Stanley Dcosta.

“Vidya Balan was a thorough profession​al dancing the sensual ‘Lavani’ “-say Choreograp​her Stanley Dcosta.

Choreographer Stanley Dcosta is increasingly becoming a name to reckon with in Bollywood. He has been an associate to Remo D Souza before he moved out independently and choreographed for films such as Ferrari Ki Sawari, Chalo Dilli, Dil To Bacha Hai Ji, Goal etc. Besides he has also choreographed the iconic ‘Blackberry Boys’ commercial.

Says Stanley “It’s been a great journey so far. I am lucky to be associated with a good production houses so early. It was a superb choreographing with Vidya Balan, for the lavani song ‘‘Mala Jau De’ for Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s  Ferrari Ki Sawari. Working with her has been so inspiring.

Vidya Worked the hardest. she used to come for rehearsal after 11pm as she was promoting Kahani at that time and used to rehearse for 3hrs and yet had so much energy. She didn’t   know much about lavani but the way she learnt the steps was superb!  At first she used to get tired after 5beats because of the heavy rhythmic nature of the dance but when she got the flow, she just rocked and how! She had the right expressions for every movement of the dance, which is considered naughty and erotic!

She completed the whole song in 6 days before the  time planned. Infact on the last day of the  rehearsal she was really tired but when I requested her for 5 more hours, she gave the time and we completed the shooting. She is simply ‘magical’ Vidhu Vinod Chopra too was very encouraging and supportive. The director Rajesh Mapuskar gave me the freedom to interpret  the folk dance.

Infact the whole production team was so professional. The entire crew needed to work in tandem with whatever was being visualized and designed on paper. They were all outstanding from the art to costume, makeup production and the cinematography. It was because of the production team that I could have an entire story board ready involving every dance move, we had over 12 days of rehearsals with dancers in costumes ready as this was a dance involving a nine yard sari plus the accessories.