Vidya Balan says “Judge Me Not”

Vidya Balan says “Judge Me Not”

Nihar Naturals’ encourages women to break free from judgements with a refreshing music video

Often forgetting the common phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover, because a plain cover, might hold a beautiful story’, our society seems to judge women by their appearance. People don’t take too long to perceive a woman with short hair as modern and liberal whereas a woman with tied or long hair as old fashioned and conservative.  Nihar Naturals wants to eliminate this bias towards women through its music video featuring Vidya Balan and four top TV stars of Bengal.

The Nihar music video is conceptualized to make its audience understand that judging a woman on the basis of her appearance is trivial. The video explores a group of masked women dancing without any reservations on the streets of Kolkata. The masks depict equality. Much to everyone’s surprise, the women reveal their true identity and they are none other than actress Vidya Balan along with Aparajita Ghosh, Tumpa Gosh, Madhumita Sarkar andSudipta Chakraborty, leading Bengali Television Actresses. Contrary to their dressing and hairdo, these women are unconventionally engaging in various activities.

Well- known for her award winning movies in which she has played the role of the strong woman protagonist, actress Vidya Balan tries to propagate this agenda through the music video as a ‘Sutradhar’. “I have been associated with Nihar for over 5 years and I am extremely glad to be with a brand that believes in encouraging women to enable them to achieve their full potential. I feel women are judged all the time, they are judged by the length of their hair, the clothes they wear, the way they talk and the way they walk. Women just need encouragement to be themselves, just a little nudge. So, please don’t judge”, says Vidya Balan who is proud to partner with Nihar in their endeavor of bringing awareness in the society and break free from these stereotypes.

As a brand, Nihar Naturals has consistently tried encouraging women to stand against societal prejudice, through their communication. This video’s focal point is to portray that there is much more to a woman other than her appearance, her hair or her looks. It successfully drives home the message that while people remain the same, the world around us is evolving. With this in mind, it becomes almost imperative that we as a people, strip women of these biases and encourage them to live to their full potential.

Through this video, Nihar Naturals, aims to create an environment which doesn’t restrict a women’s roles according to her appearance and is free from judgmental outlook by breaking stereotypes! It has also taken a step further and set up a toll free number 18001214849 which encourages women to share their experience of breaking a stereotype or the constant judgment they are subjected to.