Victims of unethical medical trials launch the U​MEED​ trailer

 Victims of unethical medical trials launch the UMEED trailer 

UMEED Trailer launch event

The trailer of Bollywood’s first medical thriller ‘Umeed’​ #IndianLivesMatter​was launched today. The trailer has got a very positive response as it gives an edge-of-the-seat thriller feel to an issue that affects us all.

The makers of Umeed chose to launch the trailer in a very different manner by getting well known activist Satinath Sarangi and victims of unethical ​medical ​trials to launch the trailer.

UMEED Trailer launch

Activist Satinath Sarangi on launching the Umeed trailer said, “The reason I chose to be here today is because I think Umeed is a movie with a very important message. Our kids are being treated as guinea pigs. It is time it stops. Umeed exposes the powerful nexus behind it.”

The film, which is based on unethical drug trials that are reportedly carried out in India on a massive scale, exposes the truth that we are not supposed to know. Umeed is the country’s first medical drama inspired by true events.  ​​

Dalip tahil

Along with them the star cast of Freddy Daruwala, Anjali Patil and Pallavi Das in the lead, along with Dalip Tahil, Milind Gunaji, Mohan Kapoor, Harsh Chhaya, Achint Kaur, Yatin Karyekar, Shishir Shara and director Rajat Mukherjee were also present.

Talking about the film, writer-Director Rajat S Mukherjee says, “We have ensured we simplify this complex problem within the confines of Hindi cinema.”

Producer Amrit Sethia adds, “This is our first movie as producers and we felt the truth of unethical drug trials must be exposed. This is a film that every Indian must watch.”

Freddy Daruwala added, “Indian lives matter and Umeed shows how international pharmaceutical companies are exploiting our people.”

UMEED Trailer Launch -

​The film has been given an entertaining screenplay, and for the first time a movie would get the dark truth of multinational pharmaceutical companies, Indian politics, media and fashion industry, and the nexus between all. Direct​ion debut of Rajat ​S Mukherjee, ​”Umeed’ is produced by Welcome Friends Productions and presented by the brand S.O.I.E. The film is scheduled to release on September 22, 2017.​​

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