Vh1 brings alive World Music Day with expertly curated performances through the week

Vh1 brings alive World Music Day with expertly curated performances through the week

Vh1 brings alive World Music Day with expertly curated performances through the week

To stream 20+ Facebook live exclusive performances and 30+ exclusive artist videos on their social media pages

200+ songs from across the world in an on air special

To host over 50 gigs across the country to celebrate the special day

Music is considered to be the food for the soul, which officially makes World Music Day the inevitable feast day of sorts. And what’s a feast without a banquet? Thus, to whet everyone’s musical appetite and to celebrate World Music Day in the most unique way ever, Vh1 is all set to showcase not one, not two, but sixteen expertly produced and curated performance videos not just for one day but across the entire week. Along with this, the Vh1 will also be hosting 20+ artists such as Raja Kumari, Nick Warren, The Micronaut, Thomas Schumacherr, Peggy Gou, Nush Lewis, Lost Stories, Zaeden, Shah Rule, Sickflip & Voctronica for exclusive Facebook live performances all week! And, if that’s not enough, connoisseurs of quality music will also get to 6 mini documentaries featuring origin stories on musical superstars such as Reverse Osmosis, BLOT, Audio Units, Jay Pei, Sequ3l, Tasneem. Plus, a unique website that features a special Vh1 playlist from 20+ countries across the world launches on Vh1 World Music Day at www.vh1.in/worldmusicday

While fans of Vh1 are in for a treat on World Music Day, the artists associated with the events are as excited! Here’s what some of them had to say about the whole experience:

“It was fun being a part of Vh1’s world music week celebrations, I got to do live streams with my trio and with Voctronica and we all enjoyed the interview questions and games. For practicing musicians who are passionate about what they do, almost every day is about music. What is special about having a day dedicated to music is that it is a day where musicians, non-musicians and music enthusiasts across the world can celebrate the joy that music brings to our lives. This celebration is a great way to discover and appreciate new music and artists” saidAditi Ramesh.

“Going Live with Vh1 for World Music Week was a blast! Was a super intimate vibe yet we reached so many people! World Music Day is a reminder of the gift that is music and how much it means to us! Was a great experience to celebrate with Vh1, big love to the whole team!” added Shah Rule. 

Linford D’Souza of Smalltalk said, “We feel honoured to have been a part of this wonderful showcase put together by the good people at Vh1. We had a blast and are looking forward to more content like this for sure!”

“It’s super encouraging and heart-warming to see how the Vh1 team brought together such a varied and special collection of artists from the indie scene! We had a really warm welcome, and felt right at home. For us, world music day signifies the spirit of exploration, emotion, expression and celebration through music –  Vh1 enabled us to demonstrate what that means to us. Thank you!” said Nirmit Shah, Ape Echoes

Arjun Nair of Voctronica said, “Vh1 World Music Week was a great feeling for us to be part of, with so many artists coming together across different timestamps, to bridge the gap between people, with everyone tuned in live; very symbolic of what music has done and stood for over the years. A 6th sense that binds all. While every day is technically World Music Day, it’s still a great way to underline and celebrate that bond, harmonizing reason and occasion.” 

Making this a truly grand celebration of music, Vh1 has also planned a plethora of on-ground events which include over fifty gigs across the country throughout the week. Across cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Vh1 has also tied up with the Furtado School of Music to celebrate music across fourteen jam rooms. Also in the works is a one-of-a-kind Vh1 & Flea Bazaar World Music Day special gig to be held at the Flea Bazaar Café in Mumbai.

So, head over to Vh1 to get with the best in music and English entertainment this World Music Day!