Varun Dhawan mobbed cancels theatre visits for further promotions of Judwaa 2

Varun Dhawan mobbed  cancels theatre visits for further promotions of Judwaa 2 

Varun Dhawan at the Jagran Cinema Summit

Varun Dhawan, whose Judwaa 2 opened on a strong note across screens last Friday, has refrained from making rounds of theatres after his Saturday night outing at a suburban  Multiplex  went awry. Varun  headed to the multiplex along with a few friends on Saturday night, to see the audience reaction .However, when fans heard of the actor’s presence.In a matter of minutes,he found himself mobbed by over enthusiastic fans. And as soon as the word  about the mob incident spread, owners of multiplexes as well as single screens dropped the idea. The owners of several
theatres reached out to the team and advised  them against it as the threatre security is not equipped to handle crowds.. After seeing the crowds reaction Varun was shaken and  agreed to cancelling further theatre visits.