Urvashi Rautela decides to focus only on work !

Urvashi Rautela decides to focus only on work !

Urvashi Rautela decides to focus only on work ! 

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Just like any other business, Bollywood also has people with conflicting opinions and false allegations. However, the difference lies in the fact that most of our snide remarks fade away in no time but the statements or false allegations on celebrities kick off controversies and become decorated headlines.

Since few days many things have been said and written on none other than Urvashi Rautela, her manager Prashant and her upcoming untitled movie.  Buzz is, a certain make-up artiste is miffed with Urvashi and her manager because of his behavior. It’s also written that Urvashi is throwing tantrums and irking everybody on the sets of the film, where she is playing a character of a middle-class girl, Bhanupriya.

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When contacted Prashant, Urvashi’s manager, said, “There wasn’t any offensive exchange between us. It’s a false story and every bit of the story has been twisted. It’s true that because of the unavailability of a certain make-up artiste, we had to hire another one for the movie, but it’s also true that ditching a film in the middle of it and taking up another work, is unprofessional. So I just asked him to give me in writing. It has been twisted and turned into a controversy which is really sad.

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Talking about the real story, Urvashi said, “These things keep happening and people will say things, but that doesn’t mean it’s true and I don’t react to everything. I don’t want to put my focus and energy on anything else except my film. Even the movie I am doing because of the beautiful script though the director is doing the debut with this film.”