3. Shilpa Shetty Kundra unveiling THE MUMBAI FEST 2017

A first of its kind festival that you would wish lasted forever! The announcement of The Mumbai Fest saw the presence of  Amarnath Sharda, Dr. Vinod Hasal, Krishna Kumar Singh, Harjeet Singh Anand, Pranav Jayaram, Capt. Avinash Singh, Kiku Sharda, Prashant Sharma, DJ Sheizwood, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Shiv Raheja, Shri Lokesh Muni, Shri Indradyumna Swami, Ankit Tiwari, Jaspinder Narula, Kavita Seth, Roop Kumar Rathod, Hamsika Iyer , Suzanne D Mello, Arvinder Singh, Raman Mahadevan , Hrishikesh Chury , Pundit Ronu Majumdar, Ghanshyam Vaswani, Ahsa Singh ,Sudhakar Sharma , Vaishali made,  Priyani Vani, Prithvi Gandharv, Makarand Deshpande, Ajay Pohankar, Jalees sherwani, Vikas Mitersan Chairman (India business Group), Shraddha Pundit, Prashant Ingole, Murtuza & Qadir Mustafa, Shri Vinod Shukla Chairman of Swach Bharat, Shri Deepak Pandit, Kalpana Munshi CFBP, President and members of the Mumbai Fest, Ram Shankar, Vipin Aneja,  Dr. Aneel Murarka and Cyndy Brar .

2. Krishna Kumar Singh (Vice President), Amarnath Sharda (Promoter), Dr. Vinod Hasal (President), Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Harjeet Singh Anand (Treasurer), Capt. Avinash Singh (Promoter), KPP_8429

THE MUMBAI FEST is a celebration of the city that reaches out to us with its unconditional ONE LOVE. On the 28th, 29th and 30th of December, 3 lakhs sq.f t. MMRDA grounds will be transformed into 7 unique islands-inspired by Mumbai’s history.

 6. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Mrs. Shilpi Shetty Kundra said  “Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to be a part something like this. Yes, we all are culturally bound and I am very proud to be an Indian to represent my country wherever I go. Talking about “The Mumbai Fest” I felt very happy that the organizers have come up with such a brilliant thought of organizing such a humongous event celebrating the spirit, happiness, ethos so many different things of Mumbai. The list and ideas put up by them are truly exceptional. Building 7 different Island over 3000 Sq fts trying to recreate Mumbai what it stands for, from Bollywood to entertainment, to art, to heritage, to food, health Fashion so it’s all coming together and where there is a celebration, there is positivity and positivity must be welcomed. I would like to wish all of them all the very best.”

 18. Dr. Lokesh Muni with Indradyumna Swami

Acharya Shri Lokesh Muni said “I am very happy to be associated with The Mumbai Fest. I would like to congratulate The Mumbai Fest – Charitable  Trust for associating the fest with noble causes. If we successfully manage to eradicate issues like corruption, crime rate also wholeheartedly support our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, trust me when I say that nothing can compete our Indian Culture. When I was told about the initiatives The Mumbai Fest is associated with, I instantly agreed to be a part of the fest. Considering their mission & vision regarding the fest, I am sure that The Mumbai Fest will manage to glorify Mumbai & India on a global map. We have certain responsibilities towards our city, country & world, we must join hands & work towards the betterment of our Mother Earth. Let’s come together & make India a crime-free & environmental friendly city & country. Today I promise that I will dedicate each & every moment of my life to make this city, this country & this world a better place to live for us & our future generation”

 13. Deepak Pandit with Dr. Vinod Hasal (President) and Ram Shankar

Shri Indradyumna Swami said “I’ve traveled to many countries but India is undoubtedly my favorite country. Mumbai is one of the best city in the whole entire world because of its cosmopolitan culture comprising of the best musicians, best culture,  best art, best people & the list will go on. I’m honored and glad that to be associated with The Mumbai Fest where I’ve arranged 90 performers from Europe who’ll be coming during the Fest to rock you all. Looking forward to December”

8. Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari said “Although we are aware of our culture but listening to it for that matter seeing it in person gives a feeling of pride. Our culture is synonyms to beautiful, diverse, vast, colorful etc & this initiative highlights everything about Mumbai & India. My family, my friends, my team, all of us are extremely excited about the fest & looking forward to it. I would like to thank everyone for having me there”

 21. Shiv Raheja with Cyndy Brar

“Much like the way the seven islands come together to make this city, The Mumbai Fest brings together the citizens of Mumbai to nourish, cherish and relish the city, which is home to every Mumbaikar”-  Amarnath Sharda (Secretary)

” A festival that celebrates Mumbai’s infinite dreams, its art, its heritage, its food, its achievements and its happiness! A festival that subtly imbibes a sense of responsibility & a sense of pride” – Dr. Vinod Hasal (President)


“The Mumbai Fest will provide in-depth knowledge about art, culture, Bollywood, history about Mumbai. We promise to ensure a personalized experience to all our guests” – Krishna Kumar Singh (Vice President)

“Just like the name suggests The Mumbai Fest screams everything Mumbai. It is for the first time that a festival on such a huge scale is organized in our city. The fest will offer a brief summary about Mumbai” – Harjeet Singh Anand (Treasurer)

 7. Shane Peacock

“The Mumbai Fest can be defined as the one and only festival for Mumbai, by Mumbai and about Mumbai. It celebrates Mumbai that dwells in each one of us, as pride, as wonder, a dream, as love, as happiness, as passion or as a home!” – Pranav Jayaram (Trustee)

“The Mumbai Fest celebrates the undying spirit of Mumbai, it’s humanity, it’s unity in diversity, a sense that prevails in every situation” – Capt. Avinash Singh (Promoter)

“THE MUMBAI FEST, 2017 we strive to capture the essence of Mumbai’s cosmopolitan throne. The dynamic blend of the city’s Art, Cuisine, Culture, and Heritage will be re-explored on the magnum opus creation of seven thematic islands” – Kiku Sharda (Promoter)

 5. Shilpa Shetty Kundra with Team THE MUMBAI FEST

The idea of THE MUMBAI FEST came into being during one of the discussions of the promoters, all born and brought up in Mumbai. Having traveled worldwide, they realized that no place could quite match up to the dynamism of Aamchi Mumbai. They share the pride of their birthplace and ONE LOVE for the city with everyMumbaikarLike artists who manifest their desires in their work, our promoters came up with the three day Mumbai fest and have set up a trust to facilitate the same.

 1. Pranav Jayaram (Trustee), Capt. Avinash Singh(Promoter), Krishna Kumar Singh (Vice President), Amarnath Sharda (Promoter), Harjeet Singh Anand (Treasurer) , Dr. Vinod Hasal (President) KPP_8181

The festival is organized by ‘The Mumbai Fest – Charitable  Trust’, set up for a noble cause of building healthier, hunger free, litter-free caring Mumbai through promotion & celebration of Mumbai’s culture & art. The fest is associated with causes like – Hunger Free India, World Peace Submit, Plastic Free Swacch Mumbai, Blood Donation Drive, Healthier Mumbai. Drum Cafe, world’s number one interactive drumming company is all set to go for the Guinness book of world records with 2100 drums being played together for the first time ever at the fest. Leading professionals passionate about Mumbai have come together to form the charitable trust which is spearheaded by Dr. Vinod Hasal (President), Amarnath Sharda (Secretary), Krishna Kumar Singh (Vice President), Harjeet Singh Anand (Treasurer), Pranav Jayaram (Trustee), Capt. Avinash Singh (Promoter), Kiku Sharda (Promoter).

MISSION –To Encourage Multi-Lingual & Multi-Cultural Integration , promote artists & talent in an open environment

VISION- To create an iconic fest that celebrates the spirit of Mumbai and strengthens the sentiment of humanity, unity, and peace across India and boundaries. To serve as a global art platform and deliver an extravagant experience created with a melange of art, music, dance, food, heritage, and culture.

1) Central Island – The charismatic & glitzy island will have singers like Mika Singh and Neha Kakkar. To add to the glamour the fashion duo, Falguni and Shane Peacock will be spearheading the luxury and lifestyle fashion week on this island. During the three day event Falguni, Shane Peacock will curate from the best International Brands and premium fashion labels that the country can offer. The Central Island is the signature island of Mumbai Fest, that would host performances & shows by legendary musicians, dancers, vocalists and fashion icons. The world peace charter signing ceremony, the world peace summit inauguration by his highness Acharya. Dr. Lokesh Muni,  world emissary conference, talk shows, felicitations of dignitaries and unsung heroes of Mumbai and the making of a world record will be hosted in this central arena.

2) Art Island- The Mumbai Fest will present enthralling art forms, curated and presented in the exclusive island of art. With captivating installations, paintings, sculptures, modern art and various innovative art forms, art island will enthrall the crowd into a mind delight. The art island will display works of talented artists across Mumbai and India. Masters from various fields of art will share experience and conduct workshops for aspirants and children.

3) Bollywood Island- An entire island dedicated to all things Bollywood! A celebration of Mumbai’s legendary film industry inspired by Bollywood blockbusters, live entertainment, stage performances, movie promotions and more for an experience unlike any other. Live, learn and experience the kaleidoscopic world of Mumbai’s famous film industry with props, movie posters, cut-outs, lights & cameras, movie scene re-creations and more.

4) Street Food Island- A melting pot of cultures and refreshingly diverse influences, street food in Mumbai offers a unique potpourri of flavors that is incredibly satisfying. And Khau Gullies are where one can feel the pulse of Mumbai’s culinary culture. Therefore ‘The Mumbai Fest’ offers the mouthwatering array of eats from these narrow bylanes, their roadside carts, and hole-in-the-wall eateries, offering visual and gastronomic treats. A look-alike of Mumbai’s popular khau gallis, the narrow bylanes, this island is all set to be one of the most packed islands with crowds making beelines for their favorite snacks, sweets and more.

5) Mumbaikar’s Island- For the very first time, every Mumbaikar will be set open to a challenge or sport or a talent showcasing act in a themed island through the 3 days of Mumbai Fest. It is an island created for the people to come, participate, present, compete, cheer or win. Besides, with over 50 stalls to splurge on artistic delights, the island certainly lives up to the true blue Mumbaikar’s enjoyment quotient.

6) Heritage Island- Heritage island represents the communities, traditions, and monuments that have been a part of Mumbai since ages, for instance, the Parsi and Koli communities. Parsi heritage and influence can be found in every nook and cranny of the city, so heritage island recreates it with historic Parsi cafes and a life-size replica of a jehangir art gallery. The Koli community, the original inhabitants of greater Mumbai, have been distinctly identified and showcased through their attires, food, and lively dances. Dabbawala community also finds a place in heritage island. A walk in the heritage island best captures the intangible heritage and cultural diversity and also offers ample shopping opportunity.

7) Mad Island – A pulsating and zesty island of music and dance with bands & groups performing through the day to the live audience. Over the 3-days, patrons can look forward to heartwarming performances from local talents from the city at specially designed stages. This island will also revive the rich tradition of folk music and classical dance performances.