Universal Music to release ‘Sri Lankan Hip Hop music queen’, Ashanthi’s “Let’s Give Peace A Chance” as the Official song of the De PaixYatra


Universal Music to release ‘Sri Lankan Hip Hop music queen’, Ashanthi’s “Let’s Give Peace A Chance” as the Official song of the De PaixYatra


The De PaixYatra, a Motorbike journey that kicks off on 11th August`12 is set to hit 8 nations to promote World Peace

 Universal Music India releases acclaimed Sri Lankan Hip Hop and R&B artist, Ashanthi’s new single “Let’s give peace a chance” as the official song of the De PaixYatra, a Motorbike journey from India to England that seeks to honor the unsung heroes of 8 nations of the world who have devoted their lives to bring change. The initiative has been launched to promote World Peace and will flag off on the 11th of August in Mumbai, India.

To contribute to this noble endeavour Universal Music will release Ashanthi’s “Let’s Give Peace A Chance” as an exclusive digital single which will be available for on line as well as mobile downloads. This single will be followed by a compilation album featuring of songs of `peace’ that will be an accompaniment to the De PaixYatra project going forward.

Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director, Universal Music, India & SAARC, said, “As a musician myself, and the MD of Universal Music, I’m proud to support De PaixYatra and their mission to celebrate and spread the values of Peace and goodwill.  When most of us are tired at the constant stream of hopeless news, here are a group of young people setting off on a mission that is not only full of hope, but also a real-world, fantastic, “roll-up-your-sleeves and get in there to make a change”, creators of the good news. Ashanthi de Alwis, our artist from Sri Lanka, created the original De PaixYatra song for this worthy endeavor. We wish Parth, Nitesh and the entire De PaixYatra team success and salute their incredible journey.

The journey will cover 8 nations across 56 cities in an effort to spread the message of peace and unity. Along its way it will reach out to various colleges and universities where it will carry out a plethora of activities to promote its cause unifying the youth across these countries. The journey will try to engage celebrities, diplomats, ex-presidents, sports personalities, youth icons and political leaders who can use their public prowess to inspire and widen the reach of the project. The entire journey will be documented and later released in the form of mini-series, films, documentaries and a photo story coffee table book.

“I believe Music is the soul for any Revolutionary thought. No boundaries on Earth can stop Music. And Music for such Special projects like De PaixYatra means Universal Music Group. The impact of this association will be beyond any imagination. We are absolutely fired up because of all the support that Universal as a label is giving us to make this possible.”– Parth Vasavada, Promoter/Rider, De PaixYatra 

“As De PaixYatra is a journey to discover unsung heroes, collaboration with Universal Music will add a melody to the journey and also to the stories of the unsung heroes. Music adds untold value to a story, and seeing Universal’s support of De PaixYatra has boosted us immeasurably, this journey is now set to music.”– Nitesh Square, Promoter/Rider, De PaixYatra

With the current situation of political tension between India and Sri Lanka, it is especially significant that Ashanthi, a Sri Lankan artist has decided to release this single in India, trying to spread the message of peace between the two nations.

Speaking on her new single, Ashanthi said, “It has been a great experience creating ‘Let’s give peace a chance’ as the official anthem for the De PaixYatra peace project. I believe that the song sends a strong message to everyone about the hope of peace throughout the world. The composition of this song, for me, has been an expression of my deepest feelings, as Sri Lanka has been a country in turmoil in the recent past for over 21 years. In my lifetime all I have seen is war, now I am glad I was able to create a song that will make a difference in promoting peace and unity among our youth. I wish the De PaixYatra team all the very best on their journey!”

Unviersal Music would like to give special thanks to De PaixYatra’sOfficial Lifestyle Partner, FREECULTR for its integral part in bringing Universal Music and the De PaixYatra together in this collaboration.  Commenting on Universal Music’s association with the De PaixYatra, Sujal Shah, CEO of FREECULTR said, “It is tremendous to see such an amazing and large organization such as Universal Music get behind and support a grass roots, organic idea that is germane cross cultures and cross geographies. De PaixYatra is a cool idea, with a mission that is important to each of us on a personal and professional level.  FREECULTR is proud to bring these entities together and proud to be associated with Universal Music in a joint cause for Peace!”