Universal Music India signs thetrailblazing Indian rock band Indus Creedfor their latest and highly anticipated album ‘Evolve’, their first studio album since1995. Indus Creed set the stage for what we recognize today as the definitiverock movement in India – unshackled, pathbreaking, well-produced original musicembodying the spirit of free expression and individuality. Known for theirexpansive and melodic sound, the rock band promise once again to raise the barfor rock in India with their latest offering.

‘Evolve’ isa truly global creation boasting some remarkable talent from across the world.It was recorded in Mumbai, mixed in Austin, Texas by Grammy-nominated mixingengineer Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, U2, Tears forFears) and mastered in New York City by veteran mastering engineer Andy VanDette(Rush, Porcupine Tree, Beastie Boys). The album is scheduled to release laterthis month.

Says Indus Creed frontman Uday Benegal, “This has been a labourof love…and blood, sweat, tears and more for us. We’re thrilled to be puttingout an album together after all these years, and with the collaborations ofsuch phenomenal talent like Tim Palmer and Andy VanDette. We are also veryhappy to be releasing it through Universal Music, who really seem to get ourmusic. We couldn’t have asked for better partners all around.”

Said Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director, Universal Music, India &SAARC, “I was a rock machine fan from the year theystarted and was their front row head banger before I formed my own band Brahmaand shared the stage with them for almost 2 decades and continue to do so. Sofor me this is surreal. Indus Creed are the flag bearers of `original’ rockmusic in India and they define what good rock music needs to be – lyrically,musically and vocally. `Evolve’ is an album that ranks far above any of theirearlier stuff and new songs like “Fireflies”, “The Money” and “Take It Harder”are destined to go beyond our shores very soon simply because it’s the bestmusic I’ve heard in a long time. And we at Universal Music India are committedto roll out a red carpet marketing plan for this album besides we will endeavorto use the might of the Universal Music global network to take this albumacross boundaries”.

The award-winning band has a stack of historic achievements, one of thehighlights being their jam with GN’R guitar player Slash at the launch of MTVIndia. They are also the first Indian act for whom MTV produced a`Rockumentary’.

Indus Creed is composed of Uday Benegal (vocal, guitars), MaheshTinaikar (guitars), Zubin Balaporia (keyboards), Rushad Mistry(bass), Jai Row Kavi (drums).

Track list:

1)      Fireflies

2)      Dissolve

3)      The Money

4)      Take It Harder

5)      No Disgrace

6)      Come Around

7)      Bulletproof

8)      Goodbye

`Evolve’will be released on physical and digital formats later this month exclusivelyon Universal Music

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