UNIVERSAL MUSIC INDIA INTRODUCES “BIG SMALL FILM” WITH A SUBJECT ‘COMMERCIALIZATION OF EDUCATION SYSTEM’ – The First Of Six Big Small Films Under The Title ‘DIARY OF A COMMON MAN’ was launched by renowned film director Govind Nihalani


The First Of Six Big Small Films Under The Title ‘DIARY OF A COMMON MAN’  Was Launched By Renowned Film Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Screenwriter Govind Nihalani and Versatile Actor Virendra Saxena Today

Universal Music India brings to you a new concept of Big Small Commercial Film with ‘Commercialization of Education System’ – starring the versatile actor Virendra Saxena. It is a 60 minute commercial film and first of a series of six big small films under the title ‘Diary of a Common Man’, directed by Swaroop Savanur and produced by Shiva Joshi. It was launched by renowned film director/producer/cinematographer/screenwriter  Govind Nihalani and the crew of film at Universal Music office today. Keeping in mind the many issues faced by common man due to the presence of corruption, the film is a medium to understand the values of a common man and to showcase the difficulties in reality of fighting corruption in our nation.

Today we find that common man is languishing in the shadows of anonymity and find him at the periphery of decision making circles. Hence, it is high time we sat up and took notice of him, for he is the one who makes this country tick. But the question that arises is that – Do people really mean when they say ‘I will not be corrupt’? ….the answer is “No”. Especially, after the Anna movement, where people came out in lacs to support the anti – corruption crusade, the question that comes to mind is “now what?” The youth came out in huge numbers to support this. Many were influenced deeply by the movement. But, how will they stand in the face of a corrupt system? For change to occur, a generation will have to sacrifice, they say, but will the system allow this? Will the family allow them to be sacrificed? Will we really see practical change out of this difficult problem?

Exploring the many issues, the first short film ‘Commercialization of Education System’ talks about ‘our education system’, where the ministers who hold education portfolios are the ones who own private colleges and universities as well. When such a blatant conflict of interest is present, it is no surprise to us that donations have become the norm and black money is circulated in privatized education system.

‘Commercialization of Education System’ is now available on VCD/DVD on all platforms including Digital and Satellite.

Swaroop Savanur, director, said, “For me, while writing the screenplay and while directing the film, I wanted to juxtapose this ‘Post – Anna’ effect that the idealism of the anti-corruption movement had on young minds with the harsh practicalities of real life that the protagonist faces. The challenge for me, as a Director, was in the fight against the system. How do you portray the internal fight realistically? How do you catch the pusle of today’s ‘aware’ youth and his feelings towards righteousness, hope, and patriotism while being captured by the ‘urban-neo-materialistic’ world? Of course, the confidence shown by the Producer Mr. Shiva Joshi helped me to be honest and strong on some of the contentious points on this sensitive subject. ”


He further added, “Mr. Virendra Saxena or Viruji as we fondly call him, with his vast experience and phenomenal thinking mind, made it easier for me to visually capture the character of Mohan Sharma. It is always great to work with an actor who thinks, and working with him will remain a privilege for me as well as a great learning experience. Aadhay Bakshi as Akshay, is a bundle of energy and a fantastic talent. His dedication and hard work will surely pay off. Watch out for his power-house performance in the film. Finally, I have attempted to tell a story that will hopefully make you sit up and think on the topic whilst providing you with a gripping tale of a family, caught up at the crossroads of their small, common man aspirations.”


Shiva Joshi, producer, said, “Our series of Commercial Short Films, ‘The Diary of a Common Man’ comes as a much deserved tribute to the Common Man, his achievements, his strengths and weaknesses, and above all his silence. ‘The Diary of a Common Man’ is about Events, Issues, Happenings, Actions and Reactions from the Common Man’s perspective. I am happy to put my film in front of Indian Audience and looking forward with great response and acceptance to this film.”

R H Chhatrapati, Associate Vice-President – Sales & Catalogue Mkt, Universal Music Group, “Universal Music is proud to be associated with Say Entertainment for release of the film ‘ Diary of A Common Man’ which is first in the sequel of six short films. This film focuses on the issue of Corruption in the Education system. We couldn’t think of a better issue to support than the fight against corruption, which affects the common man the most. I really hope this film proves to be an eye opener for everyone and is accepted and appreciated by all. Universal Music has for the first time released a movie on non-theatrical format. This movie is available on Home video (DVDs) and digital platforms like.. mobile and internet.

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